Promoting facilities for the year round recreational use of motorcaravans in the UK


Our aim is to promote the year round recreational use of motorcaravans through the provision of Motorcaravan Aires to:

  • encourage mental and physical wellbeing of motorcaravan owners
  • support the UK tourism industry
  • encourage spending in the local economy
  • enable motorcaravan owners to enjoy local shops, cafes, bars, restaurants etc


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If you are a business, local authority, parish council, sports club or anyone else who may be able to provide motorcaravan overnight parking and/or facilities, visit our business hub to find out how you can achieve this or contact us for more information .

Europe has long realised the benefits for tourism from encouraging motorhomes & campervans (motorcaravans) to visit, but they can only stay if they can get access to fresh water and facilities for black water waste every few days. Here in the UK there are not enough facilities for motorhome & campervan stopovers (Aires) and CAMpRA provides a central source of information on how towns and small businesses can benefit from the year round revenue stream by providing simple overnight parking and waste points.

With little or no investment you could be on your way to providing a valuable resource to the UK Tourism Industry and creating a new source of income for you/your business.

CAMpRA offers FREE advice and support, to get things started just fill in our contact form.


CAMpRA needs active members to help to grow the UK Aires network.  We have created a library of documents and letter templates which you can use to contact your local businesses or councils to show them how they can create an Aire to help increase their income.

We would love for you to join us so please sign up now.

Our Forum ( here) is a great place to keep up with developments in your area and keep track of CAMpRA’s progress.

Our Facebook Members Group (here) helps keep our national members connected and is great for ideas and support across the UK.

Our Business Facebook (here) and Instagram (here) pages keep you up to date with any business developments.

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