Campaign for Real Aires UK


In the UK there are not enough facilities for Motorhome & Campervan stopovers (Aires).

This campaign is to encourage spending in the local economy by the provision of Aires.

Europe has realised the benefits for tourism from encouraging Motorhomes & Campervans to visit, but they can only stay if they can get access to fresh water and facilities for black water waste every few days.

MPs, Councillors or Business Owners

If you are an MP, Councillor, local authority, parish council, sports club or anyone else who may be able to provide motorcaravan overnight parking and/or Aire facilities, you will find all the information you need by clicking the button below.


  • Provide safe, overnight parking spaces for Motorhomes/Campervans
  • Boost spending in small businesses, in local areas
  • Drive the recovery of the British Economy by encouraging staycations
  • Attracting the thousands of foreign tourists just waiting for the service to be provided

Many years ago, the French government harnessed the financial benefits of the tourist spend by welcoming the thousands of motorhome/campervan tourists from around the world. They created free parking areas or dedicated spaces in existing car parks to overnight parking and (very often) access to fresh water taps and cassette toilet disposal areas and, thus, the, ‘Aire’, was born.

The Germans and many other countries quickly realised the financial benefits and soon followed suit by providing ‘Stellplatz’.

The UK can no longer afford to miss this opportunity.


If you want to contact your local councillor/council or a Company that may be interested in creating an Aire, we have a number of letter templates that you can use. Have a look at our ready to use templates. In our library (in the menu above) you will find supporting documents you can send with your letters and a great many examples of overseas Aires and their facilities are in the Gallery.

To see what’s going on, please join our Facebook Group here or have a look at our forum here.