This form is used to keep a record of files that members of the Leadership Group have written and would like published in one of the libraries available to the public. You can search the list by typing in one or more words or parts of a word. To clear the search criteria and show the full list, click the X at the right hand side of the search field and then click the search button.

TitleMandatory. Please enter the title or name of the file you want to store.
DescriptionMandatory. Please enter a description of the file you are storing. This field will be used when searching, so please make as detailed description as possible. You can mention keywords that are in the file that may help the file be found.
Proposed CategoryMandatory.
Ready for Approval?Mandatory. Set to “Yes” when you have finished editing following peer review and you think there is nothing more to be done to the document.
Source FileMandatory. This is the source file from which you generated the “File to be Published”. It should be a common format that can be edited in MS Office. We will keep a copy of this file on our Google Drive and this will be considered as the Master File.
Either drag a file from your File Explorer onto the square box or click the box and then select a file from your File Explorer. You can only upload one file. If you want to remove a file, you can just click the x in a circle.