This form is used to keep a record of exemption application applications made through MotorhomeFun. You can search the list by typing in one or more words or parts of a word. To clear the search criteria and show the full list, click the X at the right hand side of the search field and then click the search button.

This help file also stores a list of email and phone numbers for Planning Departments within each council.


  • Put the application onto the CAMpRA Exemption Application form. Set the status to 1 – Confirmation to applicant and save the record. This will send an email confirmation to the applicant. Go back into the record and change the status to 2 – Reccy the site.
  • Create a topic in Leadership/Exemption Applications for the application so you can store the map and photos that must be kept as part of the application. Use the ID and Application Name as the title for the topic.
  • Do an initial inspection with a visit via Google Earth/street view. If possible hand the applicant a laminated copy of the Yellow Notice and the explanatory email. If you don’t have one, please ask a member of the Leadership Team to send one to the applicant in the post.
  • If it doesn’t look viable, write an email to the applicant explaining why. Set the record status to 3 – Reject application.
  • If it looks viable, arrange a visit. Record the “Site visit plan date” in the form and set the record status to 4 – Visit appointment made
  • During the site visit, take plenty of pictures, especially of the access and egress. Ensure you have agreed the site map on Google Earth with the applicant. Record the “Site visit occurred date” in the form and set the record status to 5 – Site visit complete.
  • If the site visit fails then set the record status to 6 – Site visit failed. Please write an email to the applicant explaining why.
  • Make sure the applicant post a prominent notice for at least 21 days. This must be printed on yellow paper and laminated before being sent to them. Check that the applicant has provided photo evidence that the yellow notice has been displayed correctly.
  • Important: You must attach a screenshot from Google Earth with the actual parking outlined in Red. Keep the photos and Google Earth plan of the site in the relevant topic on the forum. Update the record status to 7 – Log site visit & documentation. You must keep a screenshot from Google Earth with the actual parking outlined in Red. If you don’t, they will come back and ask for properly drawn scale plans. Don’t forget to upload this image to the bottom of the form.
  • Check that you have the filled in the Council Email field and have uploaded the Google Earth Upload image of the site and boundary at the bottom of the form. Sometimes finding their email is difficult as they hide it. You’ll have to call.
  • Update the record status to 8 – Email council. This will write to the relevant planning authority using email. Record the “Planning letter sent date” in the form. Save the record so the email gets sent. Then edit the record again and set the status to 9 – Send yellow notice even if you gave the Yellow Notice to the applicant when you did the inspection.
  • Once the proof that the Yellow Notice has been displayed correctly you can set the status to 10 – Log yellow notice OK.
  • The council will hopefully have responded positively within 3 weeks of the email being sent to them originally. If they have, fill in the Date Awarded and change the status to 13 – Award exemption certificate on the record. You can then send an email to the applicant giving them the good news. Let Jim know about this so he can send them the appropriate certificates etc.
  • If the council have not responded by 21 days, change the record status to 11 – Chase council. This will send an email chasing the council. Save the record so the email gets sent.
  • If the council send an objection pass it on to Jim and set the record status to 12 – Refer objections to Jim.
  • If the council has not responded by 28 days after the application was made fill in the Date Awarded and change the status to 13 – Certification recommended on the record.
  • Send an email to Jim to inform the applicant about the decision. If the council have confirmed the application he will need their email plus one from us so he can send them the appropriate certificates etc. If the council have been in dialog with us, but have not refused the application with 28 days then we send Jim the email below and he can send them the appropriate certificates etc.
Hi Jim,
We have completed site inspections, notified the planning department and have either received their approval or not received rejection within 28 days despite communication with them and us. We believe a certificate should now be issued for application number ???
Site ???
If you require any further information please let us know.
Could you please inform us once the certificate has been issued or withheld.
  • Keep a record of all conversations with planners. Very often they will not reply. We cannot issue a certificate unless we can show a dialogue between us and them, so you need to be persistent.
Email Subject Title: Motorhome Stopover Planning Exemption {NAME OF AIRE}
Dear Planning Department,
We are writing to you regarding a small parcel of land at: 
We are MotorhomeFun, a recreational motorhome club, Authorised to issue a Planning Exemption Certificate under Paragraph 5, Section 2 of the first Schedule to the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.
We seek to find areas to hold overnight stopovers of only 5 motorhomes for brief periods on property with the permission of the landowner. We ensure the site meets our stringent criteria for safety and having little or no impact on nearby residents.
We have inspected the above-named property and intend to add it to our list of 5 van sites that hold an exemption from our organisation. In the absence of any restrictions, we wish to issue the certificate in around 30 days hence. 
We would be most grateful if you could kindly confirm that this proposed stopover does not lie within an Article 4 Direction and that there aren’t any Enforcement Notices in place.
Kind regards.

Council nameEmail addressPhone numberHelpful individual
Bassetlaw Planning (North Notts)
Bradford Caravan
Bradford Planning
Craven Council
Dumfries and Galloway
East Riding Planning01482 393792
Eden Planning (Cumbria)
Highland Council
Monmouthshire County 644831
North Yorkshire Moors
Northumberland County Council
Orkney Islands
Pendle Borough 661333
Perth and Kinross 475300
Redcar & Cleveland
Rother District
Scottish Borders
Shropshire 258710
Somerset West and Taunton Grandfield
Wrexham County Borough 298994
UK Council Planning Offices Contact Details

Application nameMandatory. Please enter the title of the application. This will come from the 1st line of the address followed by a hyphen and the city or county. E.g. “Llandonna Beach Front – Anglesey”.