Auchtertyre Farm

Auchtertyre Farm -10/10/21 – Holly Philp owner reports on her 6 months as a new Aire

” We’ve been really busy over the last few months! We’ve now had over 1000 motorhomes and campervans through showing that there clearly was a need for both facilities use and overnight stopping. The waste/water facilities have been really well received, and whilst everything here has now quietened right down now as we move towards the winter, I’m still getting on average 4 stopovers per night plus at least 5 stopping to drop waste.”

“We have a commercial bin for general waste, as well as recycling bins for plastics/paper/cans, and crates for glass that I can take to the local glass recycling point when full – I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by how conscientious everyone is at using the right bins – we’ve done a huge amount of recycling!”

Holly was able to open her Aire earlier this year with advice and assistance from CAMpRA and holds a CAMpRA 5 star accreditation.