CAMpRA working with Northumberland County Council

News article with comments from CAMpRA. Details here

Overnight Parking in Caithness

Proposals to allow overnight parking in Caithness car parks for motorcaravans. Details Here

CAMpRA Launch Motorcaravan Waste Points Fund

CAMpRA has responded to suggestions from members to operate a fund to support the installation of motorcaravan waste points in the UK. This fund will be used exclusively to provide waste points primarily for charities and community groups. The fund was launched with a generous donation from Searchforsites to the sum of £3000. You can donate now on our website donation page.

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Rosehearty Community Boat Club


Report dated 17th October 2021

Since opening up as an Aire in June we have had over 340 People staying for over a total of 219 nights. plus a few who stop only to use the facilities before moving on.

All the businesses in the village have appreciated that many of the motorhomers support their business.

Overall I would say it has been very successful and would recommend any community or organisation that has facilities to seriously consider establishing an Aire.

Peter Crawford


Auchtertyre Farm

Auchtertyre Farm -10/10/21 – Holly Philp owner reports on her 6 months as a new Aire

” We’ve been really busy over the last few months! We’ve now had over 1000 motorhomes and campervans through showing that there clearly was a need for both facilities use and overnight stopping. The waste/water facilities have been really well received, and whilst everything here has now quietened right down now as we move towards the winter, I’m still getting on average 4 stopovers per night plus at least 5 stopping to drop waste.”

“We have a commercial bin for general waste, as well as recycling bins for plastics/paper/cans, and crates for glass that I can take to the local glass recycling point when full – I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by how conscientious everyone is at using the right bins – we’ve done a huge amount of recycling!”

Holly was able to open her Aire earlier this year with advice and assistance from CAMpRA and holds a CAMpRA 5 star accreditation.

Progress in Northumberland

After a year of continual campaigning in Northumberland a breakthrough is on the horizon.

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BBC Landward program about the need for Aires

This program contains an interview with a new Aire, mentions CAMpRA and the need for Aires in the UK.

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UK’s First Campsite operating as a winter Aire opens in Lincolnshire

The community run Jubilee Park In Woodhall Spa have taken this decision to help with their recovery from covid and respond to the growing need for year round sites for the UK Motorcaravan market.

CAMpRA has been recommending that campsites are able to remain open during the winter months by operating as an Aire for self contained motorcaravans using hardstanding pitches during the closed season. The toilet blocks, reception and other facilities will be closed, and as no awnings etc are allowed on an Aire there is no requirement to maintain grass areas ETC.

If possible it would preferable if Water and and Waste Points were also available .

Detail on Searchforsites

Article on the Need for Aires

Express Article on the CAMpRA campaign for Aires in the UK

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Lairg Aire Project

If we want an Aire in Lairg please fill in the questionnaire

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