Spotlight on Scarpark Aire

Falmouth looking at providing overnight parking for motorhomes

The BBC report that Falmouth council supported by Campra are looking at providing an Aire for touring motorhomes

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Conwy Motorhome Survey

Please take this opportunity to have your say by completing this survey produced with the assistance of Campra

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South Hams Motorhome Trial a success

The 12 month trial to allow motorhomes to stay overnight on 5 car parks in South Hams has proven a success

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Quote from Boroughbridge Town Council

We receive an awful lot of similar comments about our provision of parking for Motor Homes and for us it is a win/win – we look after our Motor Home visitors and it helps our local economy. We do not understand why so many other Councils do not see this the same way. We are even extending the length of our bays soon so that longer vehicles can visit Boroughbridge.

Many thanks

John Nichols

Town Clerk

Boroughbridge Town Council

More news on European style Aires in Gwynedd

Latest update on the Gwynedd councils plans for a network of Aires

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Spotlight on Frugaldom Aire