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CAMpRA has prepared many documents to assist politicians, councillors, landowners and any body who may wish to consider setting up an Aire.

Most important are our Strategy Document (updated February 21) and our Fire Safety Report – which was commissioned from a professional Fire Safety Expert – and the results of the CAMpRA Survey which was carried out in September 2020 and which received almost 9000 responses.

CAMpRA UK Ltd retain the copyright of all documents and content on this website created by them. You are free to download, distribute or use the documents and the information within for the exclusive use of promoting the aims of this group by providing Aires and waste points for use of all motorcaravan owners with self contained motorcaravans.

Aires and Motorcaravans Explained

There are several different types of Aire and Motorcaravan and the following documents explain in more detail what they are and how can they work to increase Tourism in the UK.  If you are new to Motorcaravans then this is a good place to start. It will help answer your questions like What are Aires? What is a Motorcaravan? How can they benefit our local Community?

There are also two short videos commissioned by CAMpRA which may be of interest

UK and EU

Motorcaravan Statistics 2020

Over 2 million motorcaravans in Europe

Nearly 400,000 in the UK

Estimated annual disposable income of owners for holidays:

European – €5 billion

UK  – in excess of £1 billion

Creating Aire Infrastructure

A basic Aire provides safe overnight parking but as Self-contained motorcaravans have onboard fresh water tanks, tanks for grey water (washing and sink waste), toilet cassette and refuse bins,  they need to dispose of waste responsibly every 3-4 days. These guides will show you how easy it is to set up a basic Aire and one which includes all the services,  There are also some indication of costs involved.

At all times during the process CAMpRA is here to offer advice and guidance.

Example Aire Layout

Parking for 5 Motorcaravanans and a Service Point with full facilities

Potential Revenue

5 to 10 van capacity scenario
£5 parking for 24 hours, no water and waste services,
open 52 weeks a year
10 vans, nightly x 35 wks = £12,250
5 vans, x 5 nights/wk x 17 wks = £2,125
Total Parking Revenue = £14,375 pa
Spend in pub, shop, attraction @ £47/van
10 vans, x 7 nights x 35 wks = £115,150
5 vans, 5 nights/wk, x 17 wks = £19,975
Total spend locally = £135,125 pa
Total into local economy = £149,500 pa

Finally, is it worth setting up an Aire?

Well don’t just take our word for it – Aires are operating successfully in many places in the UK and the numbers are growing.  Have a look at our Success Stories, Gallery and Videos.

If you would like further information or to talk to one of our Leadership Team, please complete our contact form.