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CAMpRA has prepared many documents to assist MPs, councillors, landowners and any body who may wish to consider setting up an Aire.

Most important are our Strategy Document (updated February 21) and our Fire Safety Report – which was commissioned from a professional Fire Safety Expert – and the results of the CAMpRA Survey which was carried out in September 2020 and which received almost 9000 responses.

Motorcaravan service points

Self-contained motorcaravans have onboard fresh water tanks, tanks for grey water (washing and sink waste), toilet cassette and refuse bins.  They do not require electric hook up, toilets, sinks or showers.

Benefits of an Aire

There are many benefits of providing an Aire. In addition to traffic management of motorcaravans, these include providing additional income to the local economy:

Parking bay options

There are various options suggested for permanent Aires, Overnight Aires with use as a car park during the day and motorcaravan bays on an existing car park or new development.

Exemption Certificates

Motorhome Fun and the Motor Caravanners’ Club can issue exemption certificates for 5 van sites:

Planning and site licences

Councils are exempt from the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and have the power to amend the conditions for the licensing of Aires.

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Finally, is it worth setting up an Aire?

Well don’t just take our word for it – Aires are operating successfully in many places in the UK and the numbers are growing.  Have a look at our Success Stories, Gallery and Videos.

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