This form is used to keep a record of interactions that various people have with organisations that might be persuaded to implement Aires in the UK.

If you contact an organisation, please can you add a new campaign by pressing the New Campaign button and filling in the details in the form. You can upload as many files as you need to the form. If you think there are a number of actions that are required following your initial contact, you can make a record of them in the ‘Actions’ section. You can have as many actions as you need – just click the + sign to add a new one. At the bottom of the form is the ‘Submit’ button. You have to click this to save your campaign.

If you receive a reply from the organisation, please can you save the reply as a file, edit the campaign and upload the file to the ‘Reply received’ field. Try and keep your actions updated. You can use the ‘Action status’ field to tell everyone when actions are done.

Here is an explanation of each field:

Field Description
Contact date Mandatory. This is the date of your initial contact with the organisation. It defaults to ‘today’.
Organisation type Mandatory. Choose from the list of types by clicking the field. If you can’t see the type in the list you can enter one manually by choosing ‘Other’.
Target organisation Mandatory. This only appears if you have selected an ‘Organisation type’ other than ‘Local Authority’. Enter the name of the organisation you are contacting. Try to use their official full name.
Local Authority Mandatory. This only appears if you have selected an ‘Organisation type’ of ‘Local Authority’. Select the authority from the list. If you can’t find the authority on the list, please change the ‘Organisation type’ to ‘Other’ and type in ‘Unknown Authority’. The ‘Target organisation’ field will then appear and you can type in the name of the authority you can’t find on the list.
Contact name Mandatory. Enter the name of your contact.
Contact position Optional. Type in the position in target organisation your contact holds if known.
Source Optional. Choose from the list to describe where the trigger for the campaign came from. If there isn’t a suitable option in the list, you can select ‘Other’ and then type something in the box that appears below the field.
Campaign status Mandatory. This will default to ‘Open’ when the campaign is first 
Files sent Optional. Here you can upload digital copies of the correspondence you have sent to your contact. This is very useful for the leadership group to see what has been sent.
Reply received Optional. You can upload any digital replies you may have received. Again, this is very useful and tells the story of the conversation you’re having with the organisation.
Reply status Optional. You can use this to keep track of your expectation of a reply. Defaults to ‘Waiting response’.
ACTIONS section

This is a repeating section where you can keep a record of the actions you’ve made, the actions others have made or actions that are planned/expected in the future. You can add as many actions as are required over the lifetime of the campaign.

Use the + button to add an action row and the – button to delete one. Rather than deleting actions when they’re complete, please just set the ‘Status’ to ‘Completed’. This will keep a history of what is going on.

ActionID Read only. You can’t edit this field and it can be used to refer to an action during conversation.
Action required by CAMpRA Mandatory. Record the action you’re planning (or have already made) in here. It can be anything e.g. “Contact Pete Smith by phone on the 22nd October.”, “Waiting for Pete Smith to reply.”
Who is responsible Mandatory. Record the person who is responsible for the action.
Due date Mandatory. Record the date by which you’re expecting the action to be completed.
Status Mandatory. Used to record the status of the action. Defaults to ‘Open’.