ID Edit Status Date Organisation Org Type Contact Reply Status Actions
4 Open 17 Sep 20 Visit Moray Speyside (VMS) Tourism Business Improvement District Laurie Piper Positive

3, In consultation with VMS concerning their joint plan, with Moray Council, to develop around 5 motorhome parking and facility sites ., Andy Clarke, 31 Dec 20, Open

3, Potential meeting with Laurie Piper to discuss the proposals, Andy Clarke, 30 Oct 20, Open

5 Open 18 Oct 20 Fencebay & Fins Restaurant Tom Campbell Waiting response

4, Sent message awaiting reply, Steve Haywood, 19 Oct 20, Open

6 Open 1 Nov 20 Great Central Railway Steam Railway Info Waiting response

5, Await reply, Steve, 8 Nov 20, Open

7 Open 11 Nov 20 West gate campsite – Morecombe Campsite Unknown Waiting response

6, Awaiting response, Steve, 23 Nov 20, Open

8 Open 19 Nov 20 Burton Albion Sports Club Enquiries Waiting response

7, Awaiting teply, Steve, 26 Nov 20, Open

9 Not yet 18 Nov 20 Trentham Rugby club Sports Club Michael Bezus Positive

8, Forms sent awaiting update, Steve, 30 Dec 20, Open

10 Open 19 Nov 20 Moira Social Club Sports Club Enquiries Waiting response

9, Follow up if no response, Steve, 26 Nov 20, Open

11 Open 19 Nov 20 Burton on Trent Rugby Club Sports Club IAN W CARTWRIGHT Waiting response

10, Follow up, Steve, 26 Nov 20, Open

12 Open 20 Nov 20 Havant Borough Council Local Authority Gary Hughes Negative

11, Reply sent, awaiting reply, Roy Goring, 30 Nov 20, Open

13 Open 28 Nov 20 Kingston-upon-Hull City Council Local Authority Anthony Yates Positive

12, Initial reply received 26/10/20, additional information re facebook page, aire characteristics etc sent 26/10/20, Response received 1/11/20 confirming that they have had further discussions and will raise the issue and suggesting a call. To send Strategy document and arrange a call once the local COVID issue improves Strategy Document Sent 28/11/20 to the council and to The Deep, Nicole Hollingsworth, 25 Nov 20, Open

14 Open 25 Nov 20 North East Derbyshire District Council Local Authority Charlotte Cupid Positive

13, Copy of MC Strategy send to parish councillor who forwarded to The cabinet member for economic growth who has confirmed she is in favour of it and will try to incorporate into the draft tourism policy, Jonathan Cutts, 25 Nov 20, Open

15 Open 23 Nov 20 Oxford City Council Local Authority Olegs Djomins Waiting response

14, Request re clarification of parking restrictions sent and response received confirmed that motorhomes can park in coach park. Further letter send with regards to overnight sleeping restrictions. Awaiting reply, Hilary Woodjetts, 25 Nov 20, Open

16 Open 20 Nov 20 South Hams District Council Local Authority Richard Easthorpe Positive

15, initial letter sent re barrier installation at Slapton memorial car park. Response received and confirmed that a full review is going to be conducted on how motorhomes can be facilitated in the future, Mark Edgecombe, 25 Nov 20, Open

17 Open 18 Nov 20 Parliament MP Mike Hill Positive

16, Contact re Mobile and Park Homes Bill, comments will be taken on board and considered at second reading on 29/01/21, Janet Mason, 25 Nov 20, Open

18 Open 18 Nov 20 South Hams District Council Local Authority Anthony Mangnall Uncertain

17, Contacted, response received suggesting contact is made with local councillor to ask what can be done, Doreen Hendriksen, 25 Nov 20, Open

19 Open 11 Nov 20 Wales Local Goverment Association Gov. Association WLGA Representative Positive

18, Response to email stated that info has been circulated to LAs responsible for highways/parking and tourism., Beth Pocock, 25 Nov 20, Open

20 Open 12 Nov 20 Highland Council Local Authority Colin Simpson Positive

19, The information sent especially clear definitions by CAMpRA was considered useful to inform future developments, Glen Chandler, 25 Nov 20, Open

21 Open 9 Nov 20 Bury Metropolitan Borough Council Local Authority Dene Vernon Positive

20, Email Sent, response received to say proposals were very interesting and will be forwarded to relevant council department, Gordon Harvey Taylor, 25 Nov 20, Open

22 Open 4 Nov 20 Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell Positive

21, Follow up email sent, MP has received no formal response from the council but they have confirmed they are looking into the matter and liaising with several stakeholders. MP will be in touch again as soon as formal reply has been received from council, Linda Haynes, 25 Nov 20, Open

23 Open 3 Nov 20 Carmarthenshire County Council Local Authority HL Parsons Positive

22, Response received and further information requested re financials. Steve Heywood to provide Steve Price further information re finances although not sure if this has occurred yet ????, Steve Price, 25 Nov 20, Open

24 Open 29 Oct 20 National Trust National Trust Jo Skidmore Waiting response

23, Question asked at NT online meeting, response received confirming that they are looking at trailing a ‘Aire’ scheme the outcome of which would inform their car parking overnight policy, but trail on hold due to pandemic. Reply sent to suggest they look at the success of Aires outside UK and stressing the need for UK aires as a result of pressure from COVID, Eddie Yarrow, 25 Nov 20, Open

25 Open 28 Oct 20 Bristol City Council Local Authority Mark Wright Waiting response

24, Email forwarded by councillor to Destination Bristol, Paul Brewer, 25 Nov 20, Open

26 Open 26 Oct 20 Parliament MP Esher McVey Positive

25, Letter to MP re changing current bill, MP has forwarded to Department of Transport, Gaynor Richards, 25 Nov 20, Open

27 Open 21 Oct 20 Northumbria Area of Natural Beauty Authority Authority (AONB) Not Known Positive

26, CAMpRA Contacted by Northumbria AOB Authority to support development of a document ‘guiding principles for overnight parking”, Andy Beck, 25 Nov 20, Open

28 Open 25 Nov 20 Eastbourne Council MP Caroline Ansell Positive

27, letter to MP who replied saying she would pass suggestions to cabinet office and treasury, Amanda Thompson, 25 Nov 20, Open

29 Open 20 Oct 20 Parliament MP Christopher Chope Positive

28, Reply from Christopher Cope re CS & Control and Development Act 1960 confirmed that bill is to restrictive to changed but he is planning a specific private members bill on the subject, Elaine Blanchard, 25 Nov 20, Open

30 Open 25 Nov 20 Devises Sports Centre Sports Club Paul Stobbart Positive

29, Response to email said it is defiantly something the club can look into as they have the space, email forwarded to sports club chairman, Johanna Beim, 25 Nov 20, Open

31 Open 14 Oct 20 Great Yarmouth Tourism Dept Tourism Department Not Known Positive

30, More information request from Tourism Dept in relation to sites that work etc, Charles Shelbourne, 25 Nov 20, Open

32 Open 11 Oct 20 Sidmouth, Devon Chamber of Commerce Not Known Positive

31, contacted Sidmouth chamber of Commerce, very positive response. Given the names of council officer who deals with parking and has a trail up and running in Exmouth, John Davies, 25 Nov 20, Open

33 Open 8 Oct 20 Silver Travel Advisor Magazine Not Known Positive

32, Silver Travel Advisor Magazine have offered to do an article about UK Aires for their website and requested some photos, Charles Shelbourne, 25 Nov 20, Open

34 Open 2 Oct 20 Local Area not stated MP Not Known Waiting response

33, Postive meeting with local MP who is supportive of Aires in the area but tourism summit has been postponed until 2021, Karen Porteous, 25 Nov 20, Open

35 Open 2 Oct 20 CAMC CAMC Harvey Alexander Positive

34, Letter to CAMC asking how they intend to meet needs of MCs response acknowledged that pre lockdown they were in process of putting together a trail with couple of campsites to see how UK Aire type facilities would work and if it would be cost efficient. now on hold until post COVID, Ben Wooding, 25 Nov 20, Open

36 Open 16 Jul 20 Parliment MP Not Known Positive

35, Discussions with MP resulted in positive outcome and issues re how Motorhome travellers are treated will be raised with Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and local government and a written response from MP will be received in due course, Dave Brier, 25 Nov 20, Open

37 Open 25 Nov 20 Thrigby Hall Zoo Ken Sims Waiting response

36, Follow up, Charles Shelbourne, 30 Nov 20, Open

38 Open 1 Oct 20 City of York Council Local Authority James Gilchrist Waiting response

37, Letter sent to local MP that was forwarded to relevant councillor. Response suggested they would not rule out the provision of aires but would need to adverse effect on existing campsite. Provision of aires will be considered as part of new transport plan for the city. Requested further information on postive provisions in Uk and aboard. Simon has email canterbury for more info and offered to meet with councillor to discuss further, Simon Lock, 28 Nov 20, Open

39 Open 30 Sep 20 North Dorset District Council Local Authority Nocturin Lacey-clarke Positive

38, letter send to local councillors, this is something they have been looking into and will continue to lobby for local Motorhome facilities and will try to include in current project looking at all parking services, Barbara Bowley, 28 Nov 20, Open

40 Open 28 Nov 20 Sedburgh Tourist information Sedburgh Not known Positive

39, letter sent to tourist info re difficulties Parking, informed re work of CAMpRA and said they would be happy to pass this on, Susan Rushton, 28 Nov 20, Open

41 Open 29 Sep 20 Enjoy Staffordshire Tourist Dept Richard Positive

40, letter sent, response said it would require a firm business case and requested further information with regards return on investment etc, Rosemarie Harris, 28 Nov 20, Open