CAMpRA Accredited Aire – CAA

This is an Aire in the UK that has been inspected by a member of CAMpRA using the checklist you can download below.

Any member of CAMpRA may inspect an Aire, we suggest someone local to it.

It doesn’t matter who runs the Aire as this is an independent Certificate issued by us declaring that the Aire meets certain criteria.

Please let us know you are going to inspect an Aire by sending us a message via the Contact page and email us the filled in form when you have completed the inspection. We will get back to you to confirm our decision and if accepted, the Aire will be sent a Certificate for display, and it will also be marked on as a CAA.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to inspect an Aire, the more we get Certificated the better.

5 Stars – Dedicated 24 hour Motorhome Parking – Full Services

4 Stars – Dedicated 24 hour Motorhome Parking – Some Services

3 Stars – Dedicated 24 hour Motorhome Parking – No Services