CAMpRA coming of age announcement

I am pleased to announce that CAMpRA has now taken the next step in our evolution and the leadership team has formed a NOT FOR PROFIT Company limited by guarantee.
The company is registered as CAMpRA UK Ltd.
Why have we taken this step and what does it mean to our 22,000 group members?
CAMpRA has grown from 200 members in July to over 22,000 and together with the groups associated with CAMpRA, we have access to over 600,000 motorcaravan owners.
CAMpRA is already recognised by councils, tourism and professional bodies and UK Government as the main source of information on Aires in the UK. In order to negotiate with these bodies, to have a voice within these groups and to participate as stakeholders in decisions being made that affect the future of all motorcaravan owners in the UK, we felt it was necessary to move from being a group of volunteers to being a registered company. The leadership team felt it was important to maintain free membership of our group and remain a non profit organisation.
If we continue to work together to promote the benefits of overnight parking and waste disposal points in the UK we will achieve the same freedom and welcome that we find in the rest of Europe.
Donald MacDonald