Glenbuchty Stopover Motorhome Aire, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire

As keen motorhomers ourselves, who enjoy touring around areas rather than camping in one loca$on for a number of nights, we have always been very grateful to find safe and affordable places to either stop overnight, or to be able to use their water and waste disposal facili$es. We have found welcoming communi$es, harbours and organisa$ons that understand this need, but sadly there are not enough of them and increasingly restric$ons are appearing.
Having bought our coEage by the sea, which has a large hardstanding front yard, we wondered whether we could give something back and host a small ‘aire’ type offering. We didn’t really know how to develop this idea but luckily found out about CAMpRA. Through their excellent library of resources and personalised support and $me given by their leadership team, we applied for an exemp$on cer$ficate to host up to 5 self-contained vans per night.
Having prepared our site to include provision of water, recycling bins and a couple of picnic table areas as camping behaviour by the vans is not allowed, we opened up in late summer this year and have hosted around 40 camper vans to date. We hope to be able to re-invest any profit into providing a black waste disposal point in the future.
It is lovely to hear about our campers’ travels and share ideas with them regarding places to visit around our gorgeous town of Fraserburgh, including the Lighthouse Museum, Heritage Centre, the local shops, cafes and restaurants and the amazing sandy beach.
We’ve had lovely feedback and our visitors have enjoyed the locality, the fabulous coast and its wildlife, the interes$ng architecture and heritage of the town and most importantly they have spent their money with local businesses and organisa$ons, so thank you to CAMpRa for helping us make this possible.

Rosehearty Community Boat Club


Report dated 17th October 2021

Since opening up as an Aire in June we have had over 340 People staying for over a total of 219 nights. plus a few who stop only to use the facilities before moving on.

All the businesses in the village have appreciated that many of the motorhomers support their business.

Overall I would say it has been very successful and would recommend any community or organisation that has facilities to seriously consider establishing an Aire.

Peter Crawford


Auchtertyre Farm

Auchtertyre Farm -10/10/21 – Holly Philp owner reports on her 6 months as a new Aire

” We’ve been really busy over the last few months! We’ve now had over 1000 motorhomes and campervans through showing that there clearly was a need for both facilities use and overnight stopping. The waste/water facilities have been really well received, and whilst everything here has now quietened right down now as we move towards the winter, I’m still getting on average 4 stopovers per night plus at least 5 stopping to drop waste.”

“We have a commercial bin for general waste, as well as recycling bins for plastics/paper/cans, and crates for glass that I can take to the local glass recycling point when full – I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by how conscientious everyone is at using the right bins – we’ve done a huge amount of recycling!”

Holly was able to open her Aire earlier this year with advice and assistance from CAMpRA and holds a CAMpRA 5 star accreditation.

Butley Village Hall Aire in Suffolk

Extract from the report on Butley village hall Aire:


  • Additional income raised from the £7 per night, per vehicle, fee.  
  • Outlay is very small and there are no ongoing annual costs associated with having an aire attached to the hall’s grounds.
  • It is minimal work for the return as there is no cleaning involved for the hall. Everything else already existed in terms of chemical treatment and water supply. 
  • Increased security and reduction in anti social behaviour with motorcaravans onsite.

Source: Dave McGinity, Parish Councillor

“Embrace it – village halls need to find different income streams and it’s a great way to support our community and the camping community.” 

Nook Farm Shop & Cafe

I see this as an additional arm to my business and a great service to those people taking the opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world! I am quite envious and it’s lovely hearing where everyone has been and are heading for! And even better to hear stories of “first timers” to the North Pennines. 

We started this venture when lockdown lifted in April 2021 and so far have had 25 camper vans and more in the pipeline.

It’s been problem free so far and I am already thinking of extending services and parking to account for the need 

I applied for an exemption licence and can host up to 5 self-contained vans per night. 

We wave off our campers confident that they have parked up somewhere with a great view and a warm welcome. 


Craven District Council – Positive Comments

Benefits of Motorcaravan Overnight Parking

Skipton, Settle and Ingleton

  • Assisting the night time economy of the areas 
  • Assisting tourism in the areas
  • Increasing income for the Council
  • Increasing Security of the Area
  • Reducing Anti Social Behaviour 

Source of information: Helen Townsend, Parking Manager, Craven District Council

Canterbury Park and Ride

At the entrance to the site is a decent pub, and I’m always being told how grateful they are that so many motorhomers visit and stay for meals. I’m also told by our drivers that most of the motorhome guests that use the Park & Ride service visit local attractions and shops far more easily than having to find City centre parking, saving time, emission issues and congestion.

Canterbury nearly triples in size each day, as we have three Universities, the Cathedral and so many other wonderful reasons to visit, and so we’re happy to encourage Motorhomes … and all for the sake of a few bays.

Colin Perris, Parking Facilities Manager, Canterbury City Council.

Hawick Welcome Initiative

The Campervan Welcome is still very much a factor in encouraging motorhome owners to visit Hawick. Responses this year show that as well as the UK and close continental Europe, campervans are now arriving from the Nordic countries, Italy and Spain. The Hosts also reported instances of visitors from Canada, Australia, and the USA arriving in hired campervans. Many campervan visitors return for a second, third and fourth time because of its popularity.

The Hawick Campervan Welcome continues to succeed with increased visitor numbers for another year. It is an essential part of the Hawick Welcome, and succeeds because it has been recognised in the UK and Europe as unique (and free) town centre stopover and is publicised on dedicated facebook pages. It has become a year round stopover venue.

Source: Hawick Welcome Initiative Annual Report

Lytham St Annes Reduce Anti-social Behaviour

Since 2012 motorhomes have been able to park overnight on any area of the lower section of St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park. The facility proved to be very successful which led to the scheme expanding to a quieter location at North Beach Car Park in 2018. At both locations a reduction in antisocial behaviour has been observed.