Car Wash News

Motorcaravan overnight parking rules on an Aire

These are the rules publish by the Spanish authorities but they apply to all of Europe

Do Parking Restrictions Work

Document for local authorities introducing parking restrictions explaining why they are not the best option for managing motorcaravan parking.

Overnight Parking at Hotels

Document promoting the benefits of Overnight Parking at Hotels

Guide to Responsible Overnight Parking

The CAMpRA code to responsible overnight parking

Motorcaravan parking bays

This is a guide on the size of motorcaravans and recommended spacing for overnight stays on a car park

What is a Self Contained Motorcaravan?

The CAMpRA definition of a self-contained motorcaravan.

Characteristics of a Motorhome

Leaflet showing the layout of a self contained motorhome.

Parking Bay Spacing

Possible layout for a shared car park, the spaces between motor caravan bays can be used for cars during the day but must be empty when in use as an Aire overnight.