These are QR codes used by CAMpRA

CAMpRA Rally Group certificated sites T&C’s

Terms and conditions for Aires issued an exemption certificate by the CAMpRA Rally Group.

Only available in Scotland

Site Inspections

List of Aires requiring annual inspection

Waste Emptying Incident Report

This document has details of how to report illegal emptying of toilet cassettes.

Waste Point Sign Form

This the form that needs to be completed when purchasing a CAMpRA “Waste Disposal” location sign

How to use our Forum

A quick tutorial on how to use the CAMpRA forum.

Sleep to Help out Guide

Guidance for organising a Sleep out to Help out event.

CAMpRA Campaign Guide

Recommended Campaigns for different situations.

UK Unitary Authorities List

This is a list of all the unitary authorities in the UK as at October 2020. It has each authority’s website, twitter, Facebook and YouTube address. From here you should be able to find the contact details of council officers and elected Councillors.

UK Unitary Authorities Map

This is a map of all the unitary authorities in the UK as at April 2019.