CAMpRA working with Dumfries and Galloway

This was an article in vanlife about CAMpRA and Dumfries & Galloway working together to promote Aires.

NCC Business Autumn 2021

This article in the National Caravan Council addresses the question – Who are CAMpRA – the Campaign for Real Aires – and do they pose a threat to our industry?

Press release from Camptoo

This is a press release by one of Europes fastest growing motorcaravan hire companies supporting the aims of CAMpRA.

Article from DevonLive – 12/3/21

CAMpRA response to Councillor’s call to ban motorhomes.

Motor Caravanners Club Article in Handbook

This was an article about CAMpRA published in the 2021 members handbook.

Tourism Management Institute Magazine Article

Article published in Tourism Management Institute magazine.

Bowls International Magazine Article

Draft article sent to Bowls International that was published in the January 2021 issue.

The published article contains images.

Lets Welcome Motorhomes Magazine Article

Article published in Silver Travel Advisor magazine.