CAMpRA and third party reports, strategy’s and surveys

Gwynedd Council Provision of Aire Report

This is the report prepared by Gwynedd Council in their bid to provide Aires. Reproduced by kind permission of Gwynedd Council.

Forestry Land Scotland – Trial Report

Report on the Forestry Land Scotland motorcaravan overnight stays trial 2020.

Summary of National Trust Survey

This is the summary of the two week survey on potential revenue generated by motorcaravan owners who would join the Trust if they allowed overnight stays for motorcaravans.

What is a Motorcaravan exemption certificate?

This document explains a caravan site exemption certificate and out it can be used to set up an Aire

Strategy for Motorcaravan Tourism in Remote Areas of Mull

This is a report prepared for the Isle of Mull recommending a motorcaravan strategy.  This could be adopted for any of the Scottish Isles.

Motorcaravan Overnight Parking – Fire Safety Report

Fire Safety report commissioned to recommend the minimum spacing required for self contained motorcaravans when parked overnight in an Aire or Car Park.

CAMpRA Motorcaravan Strategy Document 2021

CAMpRA Motorcaravan Strategy Document 2021. This was updated on 26th February 2021.

Emergency Staycation Recovery Plan

A staycation recovery plan aimed at Local Authorities, councils, the Forestry Commission, National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Scotland and others.

CAMpRA Motorcaravan Survey Results 2020

This is a presentation of the summary results from the CAMpRA Motorcaravan survey September 2020.

With 8956 responses this is largest known survey for UK Motorcaravan owners and was aimed at identifying the demographics of the UK Motorcaravan owner.