Events, Rallies and SOTHO

Events, rallies and Sleep Out to Help Out initiatives are important social gatherings for the CAMpRA motorcaravan members.  Not only are they a chance to meet up and discuss the latest Aires to open and tips on how to get started, we can also share stories of our touring experiences in the UK.  It is also a great opportunity to relax and unwind and just enjoy the surroundings that we find ourselves in. Having the chance to talk to like minded people and get away from the day to day drudgery of our lives has an enormous mental health benefit.


Key events for this year will be the Warner shows where we hope to meet up with some of our members.

This is the CAMpRA Code of Conduct

Outdoor Shows

CAMpRA will have a presence at the following outdoor shows;
22nd to 24th April – Peterborough.
13th to 15th May – Newbury
22nd to 24th July – Norwich
19th to 21st August – Malvern (Western Motorhome show)
9th to 11th September – Shepton Mallet
23rd to 25th September – Lincoln.
More information on each of the shows at
Parking  is from the Thursday till the Monday at all shows.
When you go onto the Warners show page to book you will see that there is a £2 reduction if you stay overnight with a club. CAMpRA are one of the clubs on the list. You do not need a membership number, just make one up!


Rallies are open to members of the CAMpRA Rally Group.

Members wanting to join a SOTHO or Rally will be invited to join the CAMpRA Rally Group.


Details on

2021 Rallies

5th June 2021 – South Normanton Rally

10th June 2021 Louth Rally

17th July 2021 Townfoot Farm Rally

2022 Rallies

23rd June 2022 Vanlove Fest Rally

29th June 2022 Backworth Hall Rally

9th December 2022- Jubilee Park Rally

2023 Rallies

14th April 2023 Hawick

Sleep Out to Help Out (SOTHO)

What is Sleep Out to Help Out?

Started in response to the UK Goverment’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, the Sleep Out to Help Out initiative was CAMpRA’s way of meeting up socially and not only supporting some of the industries worst hit by the pandemic, but also to demonstrate how the creation of Aires could actually be of benefit to the local communities.

These Sleep Out to Help Out initiatives have become very popular and are now organised under guidance provided by the events team.

To read more about these initiatives see our SOTHO page .

if you wish to join a SOTHO event you will be invited to join our recreational club, the CAMpRA Rally Group.

Meet the Events Team

Meg Macdonald is a member of the Camping & Caravanning Club and has organised and run rallies and meets for the last 20 years, in various capacities. These are held in various venues including farmers’ fields, showgrounds and licensed sites using the C&CC exemption certificates.

She was sites secretary for the Scottish Area of the British Caravanners Club (BCC) (a section of the C&CC) negotiating dates, locations and prices with local landowners to hold rallies and meets for members.  As part of this role, she also organised the waste management arrangements for the events, and the health & safety arrangements for the locations.

As a member of the BCC National Council she helped to organise national meets. In 2018 Meg chaired the team running a 250 unit rally at Springwood Park, Kelso, liaising with the local council and police to ensure there were no traffic concerns.

Since 2013 she has also run rallies for the New Companion Camping Club (NCCC) which are held on licenced sites. Members of this club camp alone and prefer the facilities of campsites. The NCCC is a member of ACCEO (The Association of Camping & Caravanning Exempted Organisations).

Since 2018 Meg has also run meets for at Kelso showground and the Drum, Edinburgh. Motorhomer .com has exempted status.

Tracey Barkwill is a very active member of the Leadership Team Tracey who has been instrumental in the Sleep Out to Help Out initiatives started back in 2020. She has run many of these events, successfully spotlighting the benefits of Aires and demonstrating the positive financial contribution that motorcaravan Aires bring to the UK tourism industry.