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Email sent to Ambleside Chamber of Commerce

Good morning, I am writing to introduce a group of volunteers that are trying to help our local businesses recover after lockdown.
We want to visit Ambleside and spend our money.
All we need is a safe place to park.
Our group has grown from 200 in July to over 17,000 in 9 months.
The reason for this is our disgust at the behaviour of the so called “dirty campers” who invaded the area last summer and who will be back post lockdown.
We are one of the fasting growing areas of tourism in the UK, who now have over 386,000 UK registered motorcaravans.
Unlike tents and caravans most modern motorcaravans are fully self contained, we do not need campsites we just need a safe place to park close to shops and restaurants where we can spend (on average £47 per day) in local shops.
Every few days we need to top up with water and empty our waste tanks which provides a great opportunity for funding of public toilets, car wash , village halls, local garages anywhere that as water and sewage can install a waste point.
Car parks empty during the night or weekends can provide 24 or 48 hour parking.
We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help Ambleside recover.
Please fee free to download information from our website library, check out our UK Aires gallery (Aires is the name used for motorcaravan overnight parking that is common place all over Europe), read the news links and testimonials and the results of our UK motorcaravan survey.
I have attached our “emergency staycation recovery plan” that has been sent to many councils.
A few minutes browsing our site will demonstrate the opportunity for you to help your members recover from this economic nightmare.

www, ... -of-trade/
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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