Novice campaigner seeking backup

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Novice campaigner seeking backup

Post by IUI3556 »

I’ve made enquiries via messenger at the following locations without any responses yet. Some hints and tips from more experienced campaigners would be helpful to try a different approach.
Wear Valley Railway - 3 stations with car parks.
Tanfield Railway - 2 decent sized car parks.
Stanhope open air swimming pool.
Raby Estates (includes Raby Castle and high force hotel)
My thinking is they all already have toilet facilities for visitors, surely not too difficult for them to adapt.
Have got a few other ideas in that area, but made no approaches yet.
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Re: Novice campaigner seeking backup

Post by Steve »

Try to keep it simple and ask them to contact you or for details of who to contact.
Lots will just ignore posts or emails but the ones that get through make it worth it.
Many are still closed at the moment.
If you get no reply in a few days I would ask again for contact details and if possible give them a call as a short chat to explain the benefits will have a lot more impact.

Keep up the good work 👍
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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Re: Novice campaigner seeking backup

Post by Traceybarkwill »

Hi, welcome. We have a, good string group in the North East so one of us could have a chat with you if you want. I think that now things are opening again, the personal touch might help. There are leaflets in merchandise & flyers on the website that you could print off & hand to them.

I stayed at Stanhope last year & thought the public car park was ideal. However, there is already a MCC temp holiday site on a, field by the river. I believe the swimming pool might be closing??
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Re: Novice campaigner seeking backup

Post by Fatfranky »

In terms of the heritage railways, you could mention that south Tynedale railway allow overnighting


You could possibly speak to south tynedale and quote their “positive experience” of allowing stopovers
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