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Penny Petroleum Bebside Hedgeley

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 1:29 pm
by Eddiey
Business Opportunity for Penny Petroleum

Dear Sir/Madam,

I work with a motorhome group on Facebook called CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires), parking for self-contained motorhomes (motorcaravans), Website (Reg Company). A not for profit company.
Our aim is to establish Aires and service areas for motorhomes throughout the UK, similar to what has been enjoyed in Europe for decades, where there are over 13,000.

What is an Aire
An Aire can simply be a level piece of ground where a motorhome/camper and occupants can park/sleep overnight. Better still if the Aire had a service point with fresh water, waste and black water facilities.
Allowing motorhome parking overnight adds to the security of these areas and also reduces anti-social behaviour.

Garage Services you can offer
Service points as mentioned above, could also be made available on your garage/service areas, where they can be charged for and attract business to that garage.
As you know, attracting passing trade to your premises will increase the sale of other items not just fuels.

If you only average 3 motorhomes parked per night @ £10, over the year and motorhomes travel all year round, this would generate around £10,950 + £££ spending in store.
Or simply by offering motorhome services at £5 per visit it would be £5,750 and bringing customers into your business that would normally drive past.

Garages offering services for motorhomes is normal practice in Europe.

Hedgeley and Bebside garages are ideally situated to catch passing motorhomes, especially Bebside as it is next to the road leading to the North Shields Ferry and A19.
At Bebside you have a car wash area with drain that would be suitable for motorhomes discharging grey water and it would be a simple matter to add a black water discharge point and a fresh water tap. I believe you also have some land at the rear of the garage at Bebside, which would make an ideal overnight parking area/Aire.

I hope you can see the potential of this market that Europe has been enjoying and the UK has sadly been missing out on for years, there are hardly any Aires or service areas for motorhomes in the UK.

Also, your motorhome services would be freely advertised on motorhome websites, reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers, we are associated with over 600,000.

I am happy to be contacted should you require any further clarification or assistance or possibly meet you onsite for further discussion.

Yours Sincerely,

Eddie Yarrow

A Director of CAMpRA