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Post by Eddiey »

Recent email to Sowerby Councillors.

A Not for Profit Company Reg No 13405866

Dear Councillors,
I work with a motorhome group on Facebook called CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires), parking for self-contained motorhomes (motorcaravans).
CAMpRA – Campaign for Real Aires UK Free to use, please check out our Business Hub.
Our aim is to establish Aires and service areas for motorhomes throughout the UK, similar to those that have been enjoyed in Europe for decades. In Europe there are over 13,000 Aires, many of these are free to use bringing tourists to small towns and villages, where they spend their money in the local economies.

I was recently advised by a resident of Sowerby Bridge, who is also one of our members, Michael Stan Bowles, that Sowerby were thinking of revamping their market square.
He informs me that there are toilets already there and suggests that this might be an opportunity to earn some income for the use of those toilets.
(On our website we have some various designs of Waste Points).
From the CAMpRA Business Hub
Potential income from Aires and Service Points

There is a huge untapped market for motorhome services in the UK including Aires..
Would Sowerby be interested in bringing in extra income to help maintain these toilets and perhaps others you may have in the town, by offering these services?

It is a simple matter to add on to existing facilities a waste/water service point for motorhomes that would also bring in more tourists to your town, that may never visit and just drive past.

We are a none confrontational group and our help and information is free and we are ready and willing to help you bring extra tourists to Sowerby.
If you are interested please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best Regards,
Eddie Yarrow
A director of CAMpRA
Phone xxxxxx;;
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Re: Sowerby

Post by Eddiey »

I am flabbergasted that I can get a reply, never mind a positive one, from a councillor in Yorkshire when I struggle to get any acknowledgment from my own County Councillors. Well done Sowerby.

Re: Tourism Opportunity For Sowerby Bridge.

Dear Eddie

Thanks for getting in touch.

I think I have spoken to Mr Bowles about this before

I have forwarded your email to the Co-Chairs of the Town Development Board suggesting this is raised at our next meeting.

From: Eddie Yarrow <>
Sent: 04 August 2021 12:56
To: Councillor Adam Wilkinson <>; Councillor Audrey Smith <>; Councillor Dot Foster <>
Subject: Tourism Opportunity For Sowerby Bridge.
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