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Emails Sent

Post by AndyBeck »

I've decided to email the tourist departments of authorities in West Yorkshire.

Below is what I've written - so far sent (duly adjusted of course) to Bradford, Kirklees (Huddersfield) and Calderdale (Halifax).
I will send something similar to Leeds and Wakefield shortly. It is based on the model letter to councillors from the website.

I intend to post any responses in this forum. If any other locals would like to join in please send me a direct message.
I don't know if we're supposed to cc admin or someone on messages like this - please let me know if so.



Dear XX
I have your email from the YYY tourism website

I'm a (resident, live nearby etc) and I'm sure you agree with me that the area has a lot to offer visitors. I think our towns and villages are missing out on income from the fastest growing market sector of tourists, ie motorhomes.

I’m not alone – Motorhomer’s group CAMpRA now has over 14,000 members wanting to help UK tourism to develop a positive relationship with this burgeoning sector.
Visiting Motorhome owners don't need campsites with all the bells and whistles - toilets, shower blocks, clubhouses, play areas - just a place to park for one or two nights.

Across YYY there are numerous car parks where a few spaces could be designated for motorhome overnight parking.

This would have several benefits to the region.

· Extra parking revenue - surveys show motorhomers are prepared to pay £5 per overnight plus whatever is the standard charge for daytime parking. Better than the land standing empty overnight - car parks can raise revenue for 24 hours.
· Recent survey results show that Motorhomers spend, on average, in excess of £47 per night in local businesses such as shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs.
· The presence of a group of motorhomes parked up overnight has been shown to be deterrent to criminals.
· There are massive networking opportunities between motorhomers' social media groups and there would be lots of free advertising of the area as a tourist destination.
· Motorhomers love their environment - most of us carry litter pickers and tidy up whatever we find around us. We do not make a mess.

All over Europe there are networks of motorhome 'Aires'. (twintown aire example with link)
They provide basic needs and benefit from the motorhome tourists' £s. Some are council-run, others belong to local businesses.
Kirklees is missing out by not being on the tourist map in this way

I or a fellow member of CAMpRA would be delighted to meet you or a colleague as soon as conditions allow.
We can demonstrate the facilities in a modern self-contained vehicle and discuss options and opportunities.
We have contacts with other authorities who are happy to share their experiences.

I appreciate that there might be issues that could concern you but we have found that usually none are insurmountable. For example Craven (Skipton/Ingleton) already have similar sites and they are making a lot of money for the council.
Please check out the CAMpRA website, where you will find lots of information on how to set up an aire and the benefits they can bring. There is even a ready prepared strategy document for you to use.

Motorhome stopover sites have no impact at all on local campsites, hotels and B&Bs as they are a different market - without Aires in the UK, motorhomers will simply take their holidays and their money to Europe, and European motorhomers will probably not come here.

We have information that Europeans are baffled and dismayed by the UK's lack of specific provision and are, on the whole, unwilling to pay the rates traditionally demanded by our campsites.

I should appreciate it if you would consider this offer of help and would be grateful if you could organise a face-to-face meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you feel that this message would be better dealt with by other colleagues, I trust you will pass it on. In that case I would appreciate knowing who the better contact is for this purpose.

Yours sincerely

Andy Beck

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Huddersfield Resident
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Re: Emails Sent

Post by Expedition_Douglas »


I also contacted my local councillor, Debbie Davies, in Baildon and she has spoken to Steve Haywood and was most impressed. She is going to recommend a couple of possible sites on Baildon Moor to Cllr Sarah Ferriby who is the Portfolio Holder responsible for tourism for Bradford Council.

Hopefully a pincer movement.

Good luck and all the best.

p.s. I have also emailed Dobrudden Camp Site, Baildon, West Yorkshire as they say they take Tourers and Motorhomes on soft or hard standings at £10 or £15 with electric per night but I had noticed they were not on Park4night or Searchforsites so lets watch this space.

I was surprised that Baildon did not come up on a search of the NE Forum after all it is the Gateway to the Dales and the sites mentioned proposed are in walking distance of Saltaire which is a World Heritage Site.
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Re: Emails Sent

Post by Steve »

Andy you do not need to inform leadership of your actions unless you need our help.
There are however local campaign groups working in most areas of the UK.
These groups (forums) are only visible to group members and leadership, this allows small groups to support each other away from the main group and potentially sensitive information can be shared confidentially.
The NE campaign group is very active and cover a large area, if we have enough support we can form smaller groups (you can of course be a member of several groups) for example “Northumberland, Durham and Tynside” “Yorkshire” .
If these are required just let me know.
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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