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Moto Rugby Service Station, J1 M6

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2021 12:04 pm
by CShel
I recently visited the brand new service area on the M6, Junction 1, at Moto Rugby.
It’s a modern site with a confusing layout at the moment as Motorhome drivers don’t know which way to turn. We ended up in the car parking area, along with vans and a car transporter vehicle that couldn’t fit into the marked parking area. Two foreign lorries came in too, parking sideways across three bays - any offence is a £100 fine. Beware!

There is another area for caravans, but I didn’t visit and see charges, and of course for lorries. And for e-cars with Tesler owning 2/3s of the charging bays. How much to charge a car, I wonder?

The car parking signs showed a charge of £15 overnight. Nothing for motorhomes as they weren’t mentioned.

I left feedback on their Google Maps page, about the lack of provision for motorhomes, who would find this a useful stopover place, and that no parking provision exists, and got a reply this morning. They will circulate my feedback internally.

046AF585-B869-4313-ACAC-568A183F64D8.jpeg[/attachment We need to contact the Parking Management company too, as they may come under the auspices of the BPA [attachment=1]10F4DB14-EFBD-400C-A805-53B16CCEDB0D.jpeg
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