Lincolnshire County Council

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Re: Lincolnshire County Council

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Hi, I’ve only just logged in to the forum. I have been a member of CAMpRA since the beginning and pre this forum and only In your post about contacting our local councils. I live near Horncastle and I contacted East Lindsey district Council in August of last year, their reply was very positiveAnd they asked for further information which I duly provided they then contacted me back and said that the information was very useful and that they would put the information to the committee, however since that date I have heard nothing back Although I have contacted them twice via email. I am also in contact with a manager of a local caravan site who is also trying to get some answers from ELDC but without much luck, I will give the person I was speaking to a call to see if I can get any more information from her but I get the feeling I will be wasting my time.
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Re: Lincolnshire County Council

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The recent elections, no doubt, have been a distraction in local authorities & in many cases will have led to a change of personnel & their roles. Keep plugging away, but you may need to start over again!
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Re: Lincolnshire County Council

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Just for your information, I have been in talks with Visit County Durham and I mentioned to them what I had heard from Northumberland County Council (both are supportive). Northumberland are keen to help but would, ideally like to set up provision in smaller towns & villages away from their 'honeypot' areas. Durham were also very keen on this. I feel it is worth us working with them on this and, at some point further down the line, the honeypot areas might lose some of their tourist £s & begin to reconsider also.

The councils are all about spreading the financial benefits and the strain on infrastructure which can only be a good thing for the country.
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