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Postive sounding response. Of course I have agreed to her request and offered any further assistance she needs.

Mr Peacock

Thank you for sending this information. Would you give me your consent to share this with members of the car park TAFF, which is meeting next week?

Kind regards

Cllr Marianne Rixson
East Devon Council

Dear Ms Rixson

With the end of lockdown hopefully in sight,
there is the prospect of thousands of motorhomers like me escaping their confines and travelling the country visiting towns and villages, spending in shops and pubs, looking to stay overnight if there is a suitable parking place.

I am a member of the Campaign for Real Aires
(CAMpRA). Motorhomes are virtually self contained, needing just to use a water supply and chemical waste facility every few days- so a town or village with safe overnight parking (usually called an aire on the Continent), charging if necessary would be a huge
attraction. We rarely need or want all the facilities that a campsite provides and these are usually in the countryside.
Worries about "undesirable elements" misusing the parking can be usually solved by a
barrier system for entry and exit. A 48 hour maximum stay and a small charge seems to work in most places. Just basic parking where perhaps 5 motorhomes or more could stay overnight is all we look for and all year round a steady stream of new revenue is created.

The CAMpRA.ORG.UK website sets out in detail
the advantages and ease of providing an 'aire' style parking space. With there being apparently over 350,000 motorhomes in the UK this could bring in large numbers of visitors all year round, often retirees, spending in local businesses and requiring very
little in the way of resources.

Thank you for letting me present this hopefully
mutually beneficial information. If you would like further information please call or email.

Stephen Peacock


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