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Dartmoor National Park

Post by DevonDavid »

Just had a positive response from DNPA after finding a member who actually responded !

To update you on what we're doing:
I've had meetings with the deputy director of the park as well as planning officers and rangers. We want to make sure we don't see the abuses of the National Park we saw last summer while also trying to cater for and manage many more campervans and motorhomes.
As you probably know it is prohibited to stay in our carparks overnight. 'Wild camping' is permitted in certain areas but only small tents and for very limited time. We need to stress that the moor is not a big free campsite!

That said we've looked into planning regulations around providing aires and seeing how we can allow farmers to have small 'pop-up' sites during peak times. Needless to say it's a minefield and there is a great deal more to be done. However the will is there and resources allowing it's looking more positive for the future.

We're working with Park4Night and other apps to signpost motorhomes to appropriate sites.

We've a long way to go but the dialogue is happening and we're on the right path.

This member is aware of CAMpRA and what it does and can offer....
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Re: Dartmoor National Park

Post by DevonDavid »

Latest email received from DNPA on 06 May, it's positive and we're slowly getting there .....

Hello David

Yes there has been some progress.
As you may know the National Park is small local authority with limited resources.
The staff are already very stretched, we're facing a budget cut and potential government reorganisation at a time when we need more resources and stability!
However we agreed, at an Authority meeting last week, that we would dedicate a staff member and time to work on this specific issue.
Hopefully we should have some practical progress soon.
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Re: Dartmoor National Park

Post by Madwitch »

Just had this response from Sam Hill, Head of Communications & Fund Raising for Dartmoor National Park, in response to my email offering CAMpRA's assistance (as a result of article in DevonOnline)

Hi Carolyn

Thanks for getting in touch.

The report you read referred to an Authority report I presented outlining the support we are hoping to give to local businesses to extend the season this year.

At this meeting our Members requested that we also considered looking into the possibility of letting motorhomes park overnight in certain areas on the Moor. My colleague Ally Kohler and her team will look at the viability of this and discuss with the various landowners of the National Park, potentially looking at options if landowners are willing.

Thanks for you offer of help and support based on your previous experience of working with other organisations. I am sure we will be in touch in due course.

Kind regards

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Re: Dartmoor National Park

Post by ManTheVan »

Not much progress on this issue, I believe. This is a link to Devon Live, which cites DNPA as proposing new anti-motorhome bylaws.

https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-ne ... es-5908338
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Re: Dartmoor National Park

Post by pauls59@yahoo.co.uk »

Tomorrow, 20th September, Dartmoor National Parks Authority, starts a Public Consultation on the updating of their 32 year old Byelaws,

The review, which starts from September 20, aims to ensure the byelaws are updated to be relevant and proportionate for modern society, clear and easy to understand, cover the right activities and areas and complement other powers and legislation.
Dartmoor’s director of conservation and communities Alison Kohler said: “We are doing this to ensure the byelaws are fit for purpose and help protect the National Park for all to enjoy today and tomorrow.
“Updating the byelaws is an important topic for everyone who cares about Dartmoor whether it is landowners, commoners, residents, businesses or visitors, and we recognise people will want to have a say.
“Following Authority agreement, a draft set of byelaws will go out to public consultation from week beginning September 20.
“We’re keen to hear a diverse range of views so we can develop byelaws that are relevant, clear, enforceable and enable people to enjoy Dartmoor, help look after it and ‘leave no trace ’.”
The consultation, when it opens on September 20, will remain open for six weeks.
It will be published on the National Park's website: www.dartmoor.gov.uk , social media and news release.
The following step is that the Authority will meet again to consider responses, agree appropriate changes and formally approve the byelaws.
They will then be sent to Defra for final confirmation, with the aim for the new byelaws to be in place for the summer of 2022.

This will allow us as Motorhome owners and visitors to have a say.

An article in Devon Live by Daniel Clark on 18th September
https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-ne ... zTxzrAK60E

Dartmoor byelaws: New rules planned to protect National Park, lists the Changes to the byelaws in addition to the current rules. include; Motoring, Parking, Camping, Fire, Dogs, Wildlife, Firearms, Commercial Activities, Recreational Activities, Drones, Music & Radio,
Penalties.- Any person who offends against any of these byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine on level two on the Standard Scale (£1,000) and in the case of a continuing offence to a further fine for each day during which the offence continues after the said conviction.
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Re: Dartmoor National Park

Post by Hymie835 »

Not sure if Campra is aware of a current consultation Dartmoor Park Authority is holding with regards to changing the Bylaws.

These bylaws control everything anyone is allowed to do on Dartmoor. They are wanting to make changes to where camping (as in tents) is allowed and also I believe clamping down the the use by motorhomes and camping vans.

The consulation can be found here:

https://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/about-us/ho ... sultations

One of the bylaws relates directly to not being able to sleep in a motorised vehicle overnight.

I would urge people to reply to the consultation with their views on this by the end of October.
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