Devon Live - "Chancers" in motorhomes face clampdown

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Devon Live - "Chancers" in motorhomes face clampdown

Post by iancooper547 »

Just noticed this on Google News. ... ty-5271362

Has anyone been in contact with the councillors mentioned? Steve Darling in particular.
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Re: Devon Live - "Chancers" in motorhomes face clampdown

Post by Traceybarkwill »

It's, difficult to know how to react or what to say. It looks like we're now being blamed for people who hire motorhomes & misbehave.

They're going to provide for 'genuine' travellers so what are we?

The comment from one respondent about getting police to bang on the door every hour through the night is very worrying as it comes hot on the heels of a news report from Staithes where locals have been doing something very similar.

Then there's the one who thinks we should be taxed even more and the other that mentions how "gas guzzling ' our vehicles are. Perhaps he doesn't know how much gas an aeroplane guzzles!

Its so frustrating that we're targeted when we are probably one of the most law abiding, environmentally conscious, tax paying groups of people out there! The other groups cost them money & we would make them money!
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Re: Devon Live - "Chancers" in motorhomes face clampdown

Post by Steve »

Ignore it, if its a group of motorcaravans over Easter they are local and not staying overnight.
Parking enforcement is not a police matter unless your are causing an obstruction or danger to traffic.
Its locals who do not want to share their beach with tourists.

They have also changed the wording from restricting motorcaravans to campsites to say campsites or authorised motorcaravan parking.

This is what we are asking for? We are not interested in Campervans wanting to park on the beach.
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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