Photos of possible locations

West Lothian
Argyll & Bute
Perth & Kinross
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Photos of possible locations

Post by Steve »

Please post a photo and details of potential sites for an Aire or waste point in your location with who owns the land if known, we will direct councils and tourism bodies to this page.
If you are able to make contact please put the brief details: contact name and details, date contacted, method of contact.
These could be disused car parks, closed businesses like car sales plots, public toilets, clubs etc or car parks empty at night.
Use your imagination but consider access for larger vehicles and away from residential areas.
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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Re: Photos of possible locations

Post by LizM »

Kenmore Toilets, Perth and Kinross

I haven't got a photo but this photo was taken right in front of the closed Kenmore toilet block. It's situated on the A827 and just opposite is a lay-by (for 4-5 vehicles) and that is right next to the beach at the end of Loch Tay at Kenmore. The toilets are shut but they didn't shut last year; it was a couple of years ago. People can use the toilets in the Kenmore Hotel, which is about 500m from the beach. In lockdown last year, when people had no where to go, they used the beach as a toilet. Eventually the council put an "urban clearway" in place to try and stop the problem of dirty camping. The locals were very upset by the tourists.

Perth & Kinross own the toilet block. It would be ideal to get it open again, and at the same time install a motorhome disposal point.

I have already emailed the local councillors and one of them replied but opening the toilets at Kenmore is still not on their radar.
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Re: Photos of possible locations

Post by Captlimey »

On the main A91 road in Cupar Fife there is a plot of land that would make an ideal location for a Camping Car Park type aires site.

I understand that it is the site of the former police station that has been demolished but it is surrounded by a wall and is mostly a tarmac surface. It abuts Duffus Park and Cupar Sports Centre and is within comfortable walking distance of all shops, pubs and restaurants.

A search of the Fife Council Common Good land map reveals that it's Common Good Title CG361400101. From local knowledge I understand that there was an application to build a three storey care home there which failed due to residents objections of being overlooked. For the last two years it appears to have been used for unregulated off-street parking. There's no doubt that there would be planning application resistance from local residents but the 'overlooked' objection would not carry weight as there would be no buildings. It would have the potential to bring much needed business to the local tourist reliant commerce, shops, pubs and restaurants with very little capital outlay by the local authority.

I have requested owner/manager contact information from but so far have received no response.

The management team might consider it of potential interest to Camping Car Park.

Screen shots courtesy of Google Maps
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Re: Photos of possible locations

Post by arthur49 »

Perth - South Inch Car Park. Owned by Perth & Kinross Council. With toilets but no motorhome facilities
Large car park.  5 minutes walk into city centre
Large car park. 5 minutes walk into city centre
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Toilets but no motorhome facilities
Toilets but no motorhome facilities
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Tolerated place overnight
Tolerated place overnight
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