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Re: East Suffolk Council

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Maybe we should be contacting the chamber of trade or local businesses and ask them if they are happy with the council turning away their customers
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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Re: East Suffolk Council

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In view of the link on their announcement I filled in the response form

My initial email was small
Not sure who this should go to could you please redirect as necessary

Just looked with interest at this article - - - BUT this change for a lot of us is next to useless
AS motorhome users we tour around only stopping for one or two days in anyone place - Campsites do not meet our needs (no electric no services for over 3 days) most campsites want you to stay a week or at least 3 days and want large amounts of money for services that we don't need being completely self contained

The reason is we NEED to be able to use our motor caravan as it was designed to be used and just park up for a night using the vehicle as it was designed

THEIR answer was
Dear Mr Wilson,

Thank you for your email. Your comments have been noted.

Whilst East Suffolk Council permits vehicles to park in their off-street parking places overnight, the use of vehicles for the purposes of sleeping and cooking is still prohibited.

The off-street parking places are designed for the purposes of parking only. This was the case before the new Parking Order was implemented and will remain a condition of our parking places going forward.

Visitors wishing to use their vehicle for the purposes of sleeping and cooking will need to arrange to stay at a site that facilitates these activities, such as a dedicated caravanning and/or motorhome site.

Further information pertaining to Parking Management can be found via the councils website; www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/parking or alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of the Parking Services Team, please do not hesitate in contact us.

Kindest regards
MY response (How I didn't swear I'll never know)
to Parking

Thanks for your answer, but you have missed the point completely, many of us TOUR with our motorhome, that is stop for one or two nights only, we DO NOT need the facilities of a campsite as we are totally self contained.
In Europe as long as we do not extend outside our vehicles profile (chairs tables etc) this is classed as PARKING the other is camping behaviour and not allowed. As our vehicles are modified for sleeping and cooking, it is very easy for us to PARK and be unobtrusive. In fact it is showing in so places the parking of Motorhomes actually is responsible for a drop in unsocial behaviour, and obviously an increase in revenue due to us paying overnight charges.
You also see that already many campsites are fully booked and simply do not have the space for us ALSO a big factor is that TOURING MOTORHOMERS spend around £45 a day in the local area, I'd rather pay a nice little restaurant a fair price for a proper meal than burger and chips in a campsite cafe.

Graham Wilson

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