Parking services / larger - vehicles - and- campervans

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Parking services / larger - vehicles - and- campervans

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This was my email on 1st August 2021 to

It was great to read your 'Larger vehicles and campervan article relating to overnight parking at 12 East Suffolk car parks.

However it was disappointing to read this at the bottom of the list ;

'Please also be aware that while all suitable vehicles may park overnight, no camping or sleeping in vehicles is allowed'.

We see other Councils offering this service also, Torridge District Council comes to mind, with five car parks offering overnight parking..

We also see the Scottish Councils taking a more proactive move,towards allowing Motorhome owners to 'sleep in their motorhomes overnight'. South Ayrshire are trialling this in two of their car parks, at Girvan and Ayr, from April to end of September, with a review to consider permanently providing this service from 2022.

Touring Motorhome owners, are not always looking to stay at 'All singing, All dancing caravan sites'. . They are just looking for somewhere to park up overnight, sleep in their vehicle and then they are able to visit the locations they are parked up in, and spend in their economies. a Max of 48hrs in a car park. This can also be an anti-social behaviour deterrent. NO 'camping ' behaviour (setting out tables, chairs, BBQs allowed)
These are issues that CAMpRa are fighting for across the UK. They are in discussions with BPA British Parking Association,and Councils, to provide required services for motorhomes.

Councils need to get up to date with the difference between 'sleeping' in a motorhome and 'camping'.

Camping is defined as using a tent, or placing out seats, tables and BBQs .
Motorhomes are designed for eating, cooking and sleeping in., with onboard facilities.
These would need a dedicated service Point every few days.
How many of your larger car parks have a toilet block on site ? A small elsan Chemical point added to the outside wall, and connected into the sewage system would be all that is needed, and a hose pipe to rinse out.

Please take the time to checkout , A one location CAMpRa has set up with all relevant documentation to assist MPs, Councillors, Landowners and any body who may wish to set up an Aire. facility.
Our Leadership Team is always willing to assist where possible.
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Re: Parking services / larger - vehicles - and- campervans

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Dear Mr Simpson,

Thank you for your email.

Your comments have been passed onto Parking Management for future consideration.

Whilst East Suffolk Council permits vehicles to park in their off-street parking places overnight, the use of vehicles for the purposes of sleeping and cooking is still prohibited.

The off-street parking places are designed for the purposes of parking only. This was the case before the new Parking Order was implemented and will remain a condition of our parking places going forward.

Visitors wishing to use their vehicle for the purposes of sleeping and cooking will need to arrange to stay at a site that facilitates these activities, such as a dedicated caravanning and/or motorhome site.

Further information pertaining to Parking Management can be found via the councils website; or alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of the Parking Services Team, please do not hesitate in contact us.

Kindest regards

Parking Services

East Suffolk Council

01502 523260
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Re: Parking services / larger - vehicles - and- campervans

Post by CShel »

Isn’t it such a pity that there are no ‘dedicated motorhome sites’ in East Suffolk?
It means that no motorhomes will need their car parks to go shopping or to have a good night out in the towns’ hospitality businesses.
Any response to this anonymous reply?
I’ve written many times to several names there, but there’s been no interest in changing their ways.
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Time for action

Post by Steve »

Time for action in Suffolk

Its obvious that the council parking have no intention on allowing overnight stays for what every reason, so why fight a battle we cannot win ?

Time to change tactics 👍👍

We need a concerted campaign to contact pubs, restaurants, visitor attractions, sports clubs etc, in fact any business that benifts from tourism, we need to send a simple simple message :

Thousands of UK motorcaravan want to support our local businesses over the winter months when the holiday makers have gone home.
All we require is a safe place to park and sleep in our fully self contained motorcaravans for up to 48 hours.

Local campsites will be closed or unsuitable for impromptu visits to the area and are mainly situated too far away from the places that we want to visit, shop and have an evening meal.

How can you attract this untapped revenue stream to spend their cash in your business?

Well its easy and with little or no financial outlay, if you have a cark park or unused hardstanding area you can apply for an exemption certificate to allow up to 5 motorcaravans to stay on your property overnight.

These overnight stop overs are common throughout Europe and are known as an “Aire”, Application is a simple completion of an online form or if you are a pub or restaurant you can also apply to the Motorcaravanners Club Nightstop Scheme.

There is a huge and growing demand for these small stopovers in the UK and they provide an ideal opportunity to externd your season plus free promotion on social media including the 184,000 members of Searchforsites.

So what do you need to do to ensure thay you do not lose out on this revenue stream? Just contact me and I will provide links to free information and guidance on how this can work for your business.
I am a motorcaravan owner and a volunteer trying to support the economic recovery of our UK business by helping us to tour our beautiful country.

Best regards

Tel 0000000000000
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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