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Email sent this afternoon. Let's see if we get a reply.

Good afternoon

I read with interest about your values and business ethos on your website in which you state:

Market awareness with active responsiveness to convenience consumer trends and demands.
Commitment to on-going infrastructure and people investment to build a sustainable business model.
Supporting local communities with a view to empowering individuals to grow, contribute and succeed.
I wondered if you would be open to some suggestions as to how we could help you achieve this.

CAMpRA is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee, and we represent a considerable number of motorhome owners in the UK (our current membership is 24,000 and we have a reach of over 600,000 through our associates).

Covid has brought about a huge change in the way the British take their holidays and motorhome ownership has nearly doubled in just two years. Under normal circumstances, many motorhome owners would head to Europe for long periods, but are now confined to staying in the UK.

This should be brilliant for UK businesses - UK owners alone spend over £1bn a year whilst out and about in their motorhomes.

However, we have a problem. In Europe, motorhomes are welcomed for the business they bring, and overnight parking and facilities are plentiful. These are called, variously,
aires, stellplatz, sostas and areas, but generally known to motorhome owners as aires. There is generally a lack of these facilities in the UK and CAMpRA was set up to encourage councils, sports clubs, pubs, and other landowners to provide overnight parking and where possible, facilities for replenishing fresh water tanks and disposing responsibly of waste - grey waste (water from showers, washing up etc) and black waste (from toilet cassettes). There is generally a small charge for this - £5-8 for overnight parking and £3-5 per use for waste disposal/fresh water or £10 for both. We are having considerable success in establishing aires throughout the UK, and especially in Scotland, but are struggling slightly with the provision of waste/water facilities.

So how can we help you and how can you help us?

Those of your garages which have a car wash attached already have the facility to accept grey waste, usually a drive over drain where your car wash waste water goes. They also will have fresh water already plumbed in.

If you were to allow motorhomes to use these drains to dispose of grey waste, you could charge per use for this.
If you were to allow motorhomes to access your water tap, you could charge per use for this.

If you have toilets on site, then you have access to a sewer. For very little or no cost, you could install a black waste point - and you could charge per use for this.

Of course, if motorhomes are stopping to empty waste, they will also probably fill up with fuel at the same time. And if you have LPG on your forecourts, they will fill their LPG tanks. In addition, they will more than likely visit your shop and spend more money there.

With nearly 400,000 UK registered motorhomes in the UK, it is not difficult to see how access to these facilities for motorhomes could very quickly add up to a considerable income for your business.

I hope you can see how supplying these facilities would help you to showcase your values.

Please have a look at our website, where you will find lots of information.

I would love the opportunity to speak to you further about this to see how we can help each other, and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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Re: Eurogarages

Post by Grey Wanderer »

It could be mentioned it is common practice in some other countries especially Norway and New Zealand for garages to have water supply and CDP facilities for motorcaravans.
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Re: Eurogarages

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Carolyn, it might be worth following up with a, suggestion that they contact Revolution Laundries. I have put Revolution in contact with Kay group service stations & they tell me they will work together.

Revolution are looking for new, sites.
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