Castle Park, Newcastle

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Castle Park, Newcastle

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I emailed the council recently in support of others who were concerned about notices being placed on windscreens of vehicles at 5am in Castle Park.

Today I received this response. …

“ Charles, Customer Services have forwarded on your recent email regarding the issuing of parking advisory notices at Castle Park Newcastle. I appreciate that you feel aggrieved at this but I can only respond to explain that these notices were simply advising on a prohibition condition within a long-standing bye law and were issued during the prohibition period (12 midnight to 6am). I’ve set out the circumstances around this below.

As per the Tourist Amenity Car Parks Bye law (2005) vehicles may park at Castle Park Newcastle for up to 12 hours from 6am to 12 midnight. No vehicle may park overnight between 12 midnight and 6am. This is not limited to motorhomes. A recent review of the signage within the car park noted that it did not document the overnight element of the bye law resulting in large numbers of vehicles parking overnight and then remaining in place throughout the following day. This signage has now been updated.

A team of Seasonal Engagement and Enforcement Officers are now in place throughout the District charged with improving our coastal, mountainous and forested environments through education on responsible visiting. The objectives of the team are based on the key principles of ‘leave no trace’: being prepared, parking responsibly, respecting the natural environment and correctly disposing of litter and dog foul. The team are instructed to implement these principles primarily through education and engagement but where all other options have been exhausted they also hold enforcement powers. It was this team that issued the advisory notices at Castle Park last weekend.

In short, the Officers were simply advising on a long-standing bye law, albeit one that had been poorly signposted previously.


James Loughran MIWFM
Tourism Facilities Development Manager

Newry Mourne and Down District Council
Páirc Foraoise Shliabh gCuillinn | Slieve Gullion Forest Park
89 Drumintee Rd, Meigh, Newry BT35 8SW

DL: 0330 137 4959 | Slieve Gullion Reception: 0330 137 4873 | Council: 0330 137 4000


Here are some contact details for others in CAMpRA to use to add their views.

(My email:-
“ Hello, from a disappointed and bemused Motorhome owner

Word has got out that the last safe place for Motorhome parking in town has been removed, with notices placed onto windscreens of such vehicles this morning at 5am!

What a frightening disturbance for them, that must have been? Have you no consideration for the intrusion? Some would have dogs, been single females or disabled, so that type of approach is most inconsiderate.

Moreover, why remove this needed facility for motorhomes? You provide for everyone else, in cars, trains, buses, coaches, on bikes and motorcycles, so why not those mainly retired folk in motorhomes who are enjoying their free time touring your country, ‘tasting the local cuisine and culture’ as they go?

I’m crossing off Newcastle from my tour route now. Where do you expect us to go, a remote caravan park well away from the shops, pubs and restaurants? To walk there and back after a good meal out, or a show?

Tour Parks for motorhomes is what you should be providing, and Service Areas, where the necessary emptying of waste tanks and toilet tanks has to go. You should encourage the local fuel stations and car wash businesses to adapt their plumbing a cash in on Motorhome Tourism; it’s growing really fast, and the councils haven’t begun to be prepared for what they could do for your local economy.

For advice please go to CAMpRA, the organisation that represents nearly 400,000 motorhomes in the UK, any of which would visit if encouraged to. - they have solutions and a strategy for Motorhome Tourism that you should be aware of.

Charles Shelbourne ”
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Re: Castle Park, Newcastle

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We see NI Council's being 'slow' on several fronts:
1. To respond to the influx of motorhomes, especially during the 'Staycation of 2020 and the current 2021 period.
2. To provide required facilities of Motorhome Service Points.
3. Safe adequate parking facilities.
4. The installation of better informative signage, regarding the Bye-Laws, Especially regarding any NO Overnight Parking .

As for the Enforcement Team issuing Warning/Advise Notices. They came around at 5am(1hr before the expiry of the No Overnight Parking Period). This was probably as it would be the best time to see who was 'overnighting'.

Seeing two of the photos showing 'other vehicle's parked there overnight, A question to Council would be;
If you are stating the No Overnight Parking between 12 midnight and 6am relates to ALL vehicles in this car park,
1. did you issue a warning/advice notice to the Southern Registered vehicle that was parked.
2. Did you also issue a warning/advise notice to the Royal Mail van that was parked" ?

One rule for all or are some exempt.?
P Simpson
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Re: Castle Park, Newcastle

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You may wish to inform Newcastle that their many twin towns in both France, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden: Nancy, Gelsenkirchen, Groningen, Bergen and Malmö are well provided with overnight parking and service facilities for motorhomes.. They can welcome motorhome visitors from their own country and from all over Europe, whereas the self acclaimed International City of Newcastle not only can’t welcome them from anywhere but actively drives them away. Even Atlanta in USA has RV parking. ... n-2037119/ ... p?id=31846 ... 135493.htm ... p?id=28397 ... 229930.htm
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