Natural Resources Wales (ie Forestry)

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Natural Resources Wales (ie Forestry)

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I have sent the following email to attaching our Guide to Aires & Potential Aire Income documents:-


I am a motor caravan owner & member of a rapidly expanding and active national group of such owners known as Campaign for Real Aires (CAMpRA UK). If you have heard from CAMpRA already, please bear with me.

When travel restrictions are lifted, a huge pent up demand will be released as touring owners become active again. There has been a sales explosion of motor caravans with currently over 386,000 registered in the UK. It's not just those in the UK, but also those of the almost 2 million in Europe who will travel here. Caravan and tent sales have also boomed so that, as seen last summer, UK campsite capacity will be overwhelmed. However, self-contained motor caravans do not need campsites.

As explained in the attached, Aire is the French word meaning a stop-over parking place (not camping!) of 24-48 hours for self-contained motorhomes & motor caravans. Aires are commonplace all over Europe, but not in the UK. CAMpRA believes that this is to the detriment both of such vehicle owners and the UK economy currently struggling with the pandemic fallout.

Aires can be established at many and varied locations.. These simply could be car parks or any available areas that are level and firm, such as those at your forest locations. A suitable fee would be levied, basic for just parking, but more if fresh water and waste disposal services could be included. The economic benefits outlined in the attached to Natural Resources Wales would be long-term when the community of UK and European motor caravan owners realise it's a welcoming facility for them. Furthermore, increasingly, motor caravan owners are touring all year round, so these benefits would not be confined to just the summer season.

CAMpRA is ready and willing to assist your consideration of Aires. I invite you to visit for free access to more detailed information. Or, email me or,uk.

Thank you for taking time to consider this email and its attachments. I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve Birnie “
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