Aires all over the UK in general

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Aires all over the UK in general

Post by gassygassy »

I have had motorhomes since 1984. (and I often write articles in MMM!). I dislike paying - in fact I refuse to pay - £30 a night to park on someone's grass. I normally go abroad and spend my money there because generally it is cheaper to spend the cost of a ferry and stay free or cheaply in Aires than it is to stay on camp sites in England.
The most intelligent and probable reason I have heard for councils to erect height barriers and 'no overnight parking' signs is that a certain community tend to take up residence and cause untold costs of clearing rubbish after the council has spent tens of thousands of pounds on legal action to get rid of them. Apparently in the rest of Europe this doesn't happen because the Police are allowed to move in with big vehicles and move them on. This of course is not allowed in the UK because of their 'Human Rights' and also because basically we don't have enough Police.
So I am interested to hear what Campra's thoughts on this are. Do councils prevent overnight parking because they are afraid of people 'taking up residence' or do they just like spending money putting up signs and barriers because they want to protect themselves from any local residents criticising them?
Is there any hope of the UK changing its laws to bring them in line with those of Europe - being allowed to send in heavy Police units?
Last year's sales and probably this year's sales of motorhomes will fill all the established camp sites here - I heard of one that is taking bookings at £100 a night! so the result is that lots of motorhomers, myself included, will be wandering the highways and byways looking for a quiet car park without the 'go away we don't want your money' signs.
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Re: Aires all over the UK in general

Post by Madwitch »

I don't think there is a CAMpRA "view". Personally, I believe this is just an excuse. Let's face it, car park barriers are easily dealt with by the use of an angle grinder. If the others want to camp somewhere they will and there is very little to stop them (maybe one ton boulders). And no the police will never be permitted to take proper action. But then we get the police we deserve ...
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Re: Aires all over the UK in general

Post by Madcaravanner »

Basically I agree with Madwitch (like the tag)

AFAIK there is no CAMPrA stance about travellers ( I will not call them gypsy's as I have gypsy blood)

Local councils put up height barriers for 3 reasons
1/ they are scared of the NIMBY generation
2/ the local campsites scream that we are robbing THEIR income (sod the local cafes, shops,and pubs)
3/they say they can't afford to man the parking (??? I could add something else)


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Re: Aires all over the UK in general

Post by PeteD »

I believe the UK Government is currently in a consultation process of making trespass a criminal offence. If this should come into law ( I hope so) then it will give the police powers to move on/prosecute those travellers who occupy land without permission. Such a law coming into force can only be a helping hand towards the introduction of UK Aires.
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Re: Aires all over the UK in general

Post by Steve »

Pete I agree and we have representation within the English government and they are reluctant to push our proposal for changes through at the moment in case it effects the passing of that legislation.
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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Re: Aires all over the UK in general

Post by Jmick »

Unfortunately I don't see the new 'trespass' bill effecting a change re UK Aires. What it is going to do is criminalise the act of anyone parking and sleeping overnight in their van if they do not have 'the land owner's permission'. Ascertaining where to get that 'permission' at 8pm when you arrive in a car park/lay-by is anyone's guess and disingenuous to say the least. This Bill covers everyone living full time or indeed holidaying in a vehicle. The days of quietly parking up in an empty, out of the way countryside car park to sleep for the night are numbered. There is a link to a Govt page where members of the public can submit any views they have in support of amendments to the proposed criminalising of simply parking up to sleep - not a gathering or making a nuisance - simply parking and sleeping. Too late after 14 May 🙁. ... urts-bill/
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