Thaxted, Essex

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Thaxted, Essex

Post by pjay »

Hi, just joined, not sure if this is the correct place but feel free to move it...

I have searched but cannot find anything about this park up, its been in use for several years....

There is a good free carpark at the Margaret Street car park, Thaxted that specifically welcomes motorhomes overnight. Its not far off the M11, just to the south east of Saffron Walden. The town has good facilities including a nice church and an impressive windmill.
Parking is free in the (2 - 3) motorhome designated spaces for up to 48hrs in any 14 day period.
There is a public toilet block open during the day but please do not use it to empty your cassette loo.

We often use it to break up our journey to/from the tunnel.

Coords - 51.95578 0.34311 - are for the motorhome specific slots at the top end of the car park and 51.95529 0.34335 for the entrance along Margaret St.

If you do use it, please make sure you thank them for the facility by emailing them at
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Re: Thaxted, Essex

Post by CShel »

Hello PJay and welcome to CAMpRA.

This is a useful stop, and it also is walking distance to a pub, takeaway and restaurant - ideal
There’s a fuel station, too, so I imagine that the town could do very well from MHs stopping over there.

I wonder if, with your happy experience of it if you might like to email them, and congratulate them on providing this useful service, adding that you imagine that it could be expanded if it was better known, to benefit their town even more? Tell them the amount vans spend is average £47 - potential income figures are on a document ‘Potential Income From Aires’ in ‘Documents’.

They might feel it’s worth adapting their toilet block to provide a water tap, and toilet cassette disposal point (see our Gallery for examples) which could charge around £3 a session.

I see it is listed on SearchForSites, as a parking without services, with several reviews.
It’s a good way of using empty night time parking places profitably to benefit their hospitality businesses and shops.

And finally, as you say, it’s just off the main road into deepest East Anglia, so they might like to know about the East Anglia Coastal Tour route. It seems that the town could be in a strategic location for refuelling and shopping and is a really worthwhile stopover.

Whereabouts are you? Any more ideas for aires or Service Points at car wash sites?
Thank you! Charles
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Re: Thaxted, Essex

Post by Steve »

Thank you added to UK Aires gallery on website
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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