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Aires in Dumfries & Galloway

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Following on from my FB post re the Council’s scheme for 3 van aires, I am starting this topic for those of us in D&G to collate our actions and there results.
Below is my email to them regarding their plan, maybe others could also email them at

The info document sheet referred to can be viewed on their website.


As a motorhome owner, I am very pleased to see that my local council is doing something to help others who would like to visit our region.

This type of stopover would be very useful but so would allowing motorhomes to park and sleep overnight in some of the council’s car parks in our towns and villages. This would enable their owners to visit the restaurants, etc, during the evening which could help the local economy. A time limit could be imposed and a charge made. Many motorhomers travel outside the summer season and could give a much needed economic boost to these places. To see how this could be done, I suggest you investigate what Ayrshire Council as done in Ayr and Girvan.

I notice that your information sheet also mentions caravans being allowed. Caravans are not self-sufficient in the same way as motorhomes or most campervans. They require an external container for their waste water, which requires emptying before they leave. Carrying a full waste container inside would be unhygienic and the extra weight could affect the road handling of the outfit.

Can I suggest that you visit the website of CAMPRA (Campaign for Real Aires) where you and anyone interested in setting up an aire will find lots of information, including information on setting up a stopover for more than 3 vans by obtaining an exemption certificate from various organisations.

Your information mentions that grey & black waste needs to be emptied at designated sites. To my knowledge, there are only 2 places where black (toilet) waste can be emptied (Castle Corner, Glencaple and FLS Clatteringshawes) and that only Castle Corner has facilities for grey waste (washing up and shower water). Would it be possible for the Council to ask licensed caravan sites to allow a pass-by service for motorhomes, at a small cost and to provide them with relevant signage? This is quite common in Europe and is available in many places in the Highlands. The disposal of this waste seems to worry people more than motorhomes parked up for the night in car parks and lay-bys.

Thank you for reading this

I will post any reply I receive.
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Re: Aires in Dumfries & Galloway

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Just been speaking to a representative of Dumfries and Galloway Council. They are hearing us and looking at how they can make D & G a welcoming place for responsible tourists. They are looking at what they need to do for next year. Councils do not move quickly so I doubt there will be much change for this summer.
Keep sending your feedback to the Council as they are on a learning curve and need to know what the Motorcaravanning community is looking for. They need to know what will encourage more of us to visit D & G and support their businesses.
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