Garage Service Points for Motorhomes

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Garage Service Points for Motorhomes

Post by Eddiey »

Letter to Garage service company chain.

Dear Stuart,

Thanks for returning my call and hope you found our discussion interesting.

I feel sure that what CAMpRA have to offer will be of financial benefit to your company.

I work with a motorhome group on Facebook called CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires), parking for self-contained motorhomes (motorcaravans), Website (Reg Not for profit Company).
Our aim is to establish Aires ( parking areas for motorhomes), and service areas for motorhomes throughout the UK, similar to that which has been enjoyed in Europe for decades, where there are over 13,000 Aires and many more service areas.

Because you offer garage services, I thought you might be particularly interested in establishing service areas for motorhomes as an add on to your current services. Garages offering services for motorhomes is normal practice in Europe.

Needs of motorhomes.
Motorhomes need to take on board fresh water and dispose of waste water every 3 to 4 days and I wondered if you would be interested in bringing more customers to your businesses who are in need of these services?

What is needed to attract these extra customers?

A fresh water tap.
A grey water disposal point, for washing up water etc.
A simple black water disposal point easily fitted over a manhole cover for toilet cassette emptying. Or simply an old disused outdoor toilet.
(A supplier of manhole type covers can be seen on our website). Leaflets / Handouts – CAMpRA

If you have a car wash area with a drain, this would be quite suitable for motorhomes discharging grey water, and it would be a simple and inexpensive matter to add a black water (toilet waste), discharge point nearby and a fresh water tap, which require very little ongoing maintenance.

An example **
Simply by offering these motorhome services at £5 per visit, x 4 motorhomes per day x only 200 days, it would bring in £4,000 per year and attract customers into your business who may normally drive past. As you know, attracting passing trade to your premises will increase the sale of other items not just fuels.
Motorhomes travel all year round.

This would also be an environmentally friendly service, helping motorhomes discharge waste in a responsible manner and much welcomed by tourism bodies throughout the UK.
There are many Local Authorities desperate for this type of service to be offered throughout the UK.

There are over 400,000 registered motorhomes (800,000 persons) in the UK, and around 2 million motorhomes in Europe that want to visit the UK, but can not find facilities like they have in Europe.

Currently there is a huge gap in this market which is not being catered for, and certainly no garages or chain of garages offering these services which I believe will also attract positive publicity.

If you did offer these services, your garages would be freely advertised on motorhome websites, reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers, (we are associated with over 600,000 members), and many other motorhome websites.

If some of your premises have space, and should you wish, you could attract further income by adding overnight parking to your portfolio, and earn £10 per vehicle per night inc waste/water.
Using the same example as above** this would attract £8,000 per year. This exemption certificate is for up to 5 vehicles per night, is exempt from planning and the application is free.

I am happy to be contacted should you require any further clarification or assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

Eddie Yarrow

CAMpRA Survey

Exemption Certificate for an Aire.

Videos about Aires and waste disposal
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