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Newcastle and Gateshead LAs

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A Not for Profit Company

To Carolyn Clayton & Jane Wilson

Dear Carolyn & Jane
I hope this email will be of interest to you or if not, could you please pass this on to the relevant person/department.

My name is Eddie Yarrow, I am a director with CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires) on Facebook, our website is, a Not for Profit Company.
Aires are simply a level piece of ground for motorhomes to park overnight.
I watched with interest the recent interview on Look North with Ian Thomas, Director of Newcastle and Gateshead Initiative, discussing the loss of income to Newcastle and Gateshead (N&G) from Covid and the general downturn in the economy.
Can I draw your attention to a growing lucrative area of the tourist market which N&G and the UK have been missing out on for decades, and which you are likely to continue missing out on, if your present parking policies include no overnight parking/sleeping, which I believe they do. By having these “No Overnight” policies thousands of motorhomes are driving past and not stopping to spend any money in your cities, this probably includes 3,000 motorhomes using the ferry services at North Shields.

“Empty car parks do not generate income.”
As an example;
Hawick in the Borders have generated approx £35,000 (see CAMpRA Survey and Hawick ) from one car park allowing overnight parking/sleeping, this does NOT include retail spending and accounts for only 5 months in a year.
There are now a number of Local Authorities who have embraced this change in car parking policies, by applying Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders to change them, (please see our website).
This is not a planning problem as motorhomes park, on an Aire no camping behaviour is allowed.

Europe has over 13,000 parking areas for motorhomes called Aires, Stellplatz, or Sostas, many in villages, towns, cities and places of culture, helping create a thriving motorhome tourist industry, worth billions to the EU economy.
We recently had a beneficial meeting with the Planning Development, Regeneration Growth team from Durham.

They are strongly in favour of Aires throughout Durham, seeing this as an inexpensive way to increase overnight stays and spread tourism around the county, especially helping local economies, by bringing income to all parts of Durham.
We can also direct you to a number of other Authorities throughout the UK who have already implemented these changes or considering them.

CAMpRA have become the recognised authority in the UK for information and support on providing overnight parking (Aires) for self contained motorcaravans. We are proposing the use of a model similar to the one that has proved so successful in mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.
CAMpRA has support in Westminster and the House of Lords as well as tourism bodies and many local Councils, The National Trust and National Parks. In addition, CAMpRA has the support of the British Parking Association, All Party Political Group for Holiday Parks and Campsites and the National Caravan Council and is also engaging with the Camping and Caravanning Club.

UK Motorhome occupants spend around £1 BILLION annually, please see our survey results. Surely, N&G Councils and rate payers want part of this income?
Please see results from our survey below. ... 202020.pdf

We are happy to engage with you to establish Aires, overnight parking/sleeping (the norm in Europe), we can work together to find a mutually satisfactory way forward, that would benefit the Newcastle and Gateshead Councils, residents, businesses and tourists alike and also help in the long term economic regeneration of these areas.
You can contact me at any time by phone or Zoom.
Our help/website/information is free, there is no charge.

Best Regards,
Eddie Yarrow
A director of CAMpRA
CAMpRA UK Ltd is a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital registered in England and Wales.
Registered number: 13405866
Registered office: 14 Kelly Road, Waterlooville, England, PO7 5UL
The contents of this email are intended for recipients and may contain sensitive or confidential information.
Documents available in our website library may be used or shared freely, CAMpRA has prepared these documents using information available at the time and accept no liability for the recommendations made in these documents or the use thereof.
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