Motorcaravan Laundry Points

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Re: Motorcaravan Laundry Points

Post by Traceybarkwill »

Hi Sian, hope you'll feel better soon. I also emailed head office so you're doing better than me as I haven't had a response. If I don't get one soon, I'll try ringing that mobile number.

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Re: Motorcaravan Laundry Points

Post by Sian »

How strange as he suggested that he has emailed CAMpRA?

OH has tested positive so I’m doing my best not to catch it from him - am finding it quite stressful. Really thought after 2 jabs we wouldn’t be in this position! day 4 only 6 to go.....
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Re: Motorcaravan Laundry Points

Post by Twosugars »

The Esso filling station on the southern side of Amble, Northumberland has outdoor self service washing machines and dryer. Big morrisons store very close by and a coffee shop next door to the esso.

Location is here; 55.3253888, -1.5813744

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Support from Revolution Laundry

Post by Steve »

Revolution Laundries have made a very generous offer in return for our help.

If our members can identify a suitable location for Revolution to install a washing machines, Revolution will suggest the business install a waste point at the same time.

Revolution are prepared to carry out the necessary groundworks.

They are also willing to pay a sum of £100 to Campra toward the cost of purchasing the hardware required to complete the waste point.

Campra then hope to help fund the cost of connecting up the hardware (i.e. plumber’s fees).
10 sites install waste points from campra leads £100 per installation =£1000 into our waste point fund.
2 of the sites agree to have waste points if funded by CAMpRA, we have £500 per site to install a waste point.

Revolution offer a variety of packages ranging from free installation of washing machines with Revolution taking a higher proportion of the profits to the business making a larger contribution and, consequently, receiving a larger share of the profit.

Suitable venues could include car washes, service stations, smaller supermarket chains, garden centres. Revolution already have contacts with some fuel companies and large supermarkets.

If you can think of a suitable location/ business please email or post the site and contact detail on this topic.
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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Re: Motorcaravan Laundry Points

Post by Europa »

I have just emailed a suggestion re a company called Oil4Wales who have been number of outlets across Wales.
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Re: Motorcaravan Laundry Points

Post by Traceybarkwill »

Hi Siân, thanks for all your efforts, however, it is better if members message us at We then pass said suggestions to the contact at Revolution & they are logged & monitored. This way, we can look back if any come to fruition.

Thanks again

Tracey Barkwill
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Revolution Launderettes

Post by Primrose »

Can we look at potential towns needing self service launderettes. I have just stopped in Leominster in long stay car park (over night allowed) Checked town for washing machine place and found none so passed on to CAMpRA so we can possibly get £100 funding from Revolution Laundry.

Anyone know if Hereford has a self-service launderette? What about other towns in West Midlands? Is there one in your town? If not how many miles to nearest one? This money is up for grabs, wouldn’t it be great to get some of it!
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