Car Park Charge Explanation

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Car Park Charge Explanation

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This is a breakdown of space taken up by a motorcaravan of a car park and why authorities expect to charge more for a motorcaravan.

Our Motorcaravan Survey in September indicated that 96% would pay to use an Aire,
92% would be happy to pay £5 to park overnight and 96% to pay £10 with a service point.

So lets look at some facts:

An average parking bay is 2.4 x 4.8 = 11.52 m2
Most owners accept that if you take up 2 spaces you pay for 2 spaces.
Therefore if a car park charges £10 for 24 hours then a motorcaravan would pay £20
If a car park charged £6 for all day then a motorcaravan would pay £12 for the day, if it was free overnight and we want to encourage them them to allow overnight stays with our £5 that is £17 for 24 hours. However if we are paying for 2 bays thats £22 for 24 hours.

So lets look at providing a dedicated motorcaravan bay:

A motorhome bay would be 3.5 x 9 = 31.5m2 which is almost 3 car park spaces.
Based on that calculation would a fair price be 3 times a car park charge, £30 for 24 hours ?

Dedicated motorcaravan overnight parking area:

From our Fire Safety report ... ty-report/. It is recommended 3m spacing between vans on Aires as a safe distance, campsite legislation still requires 6m. To achieve 3m spacing it is recommended that motorcaravan bays are 5.5m wide with motorcaravan parked in the middle of the bay, therefore a 5.5 x 9 bay = 49.5m2 or 4 car park spaces.
Ignoring the wider access requirements to manoeuvre into the bays to provide dedicated motorcaravan overnight parking like an Aire in the UK would equate to the loss of revenue from 4 parking bays or at £6 all day charge £24, £10 for 24 hours £40.

So before complaining about paying £10 to £15 to park overnight in a car park with parking charges just stop and think what do we really expect?

We will not get free Aires like Europe, we need to show car park owners a reason to allow overnight parking or why would they be interested?
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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