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Re: Scarborough

Post by CShel »

Following a FB post about Scarborough changing its mind about MH parking, I wrote to the new mayor of Scarborough recently and today got this reply….

(My letter to him is below it)

Dear Charles,

Many thanks for your very interesting and educational email re Motor Homes and the benefits that they can bring to holiday resorts like Scarborough.

In my Civic year I will hopefully bring as holiday visitors to our beautiful Borough,
and remember your words on the advantages of Motor homes also visiting us.

Best Regards,


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On 30 May 2021, at 09:41, Charles Shelbourne <> wrote:

My letter…

Dear Mr Broadbent

There’s a lot of upset in the Motorhome Community about the removal of parking facilities, and dropping of plans for a motorhome tour park in Scarborough.

It seems ludicrous that this huge tourist category is not being welcomed in this popular destination. When they can park up and stopover within walking distance of those hospitality and tourism businesses so badly hit by Covid Closure, they will spend good money there, and boost the local economy.

Camping sites are too far away from the town; unlike caravanners we don’t make camp then drive off in a car to explore. We tour the different regions ‘tasting the local cuisine and culture’ as we go, stopping long enough to see the sights, have a good night out, then move on.

The time we enjoyed in Scarborough recently was spent by the Sealife Centre, along with nine other motorhomers, who paid for parking, then spent money in the pub there, and in restaurants close by. Our presence deterred some of the boy racers the town sent us, and no doubt reduced the chances of vandalism, fly tipping, take-away littering that happens in empty car parks at nighttime. It was a perfect location for a motorhome tour park, and should have had the council add a service area to improve the facilities needed.

Scarborough should establish a ‘service area’ for motorhomers and campervanners to empty their waste tanks, rubbish bins and on board toilets and replenish fresh water. Theses are needed every 3-4 days. Only camping sites have them, and when access is denied it’s a big problem. Camping sites only allow club members to use them, rarely let non-guests use them, and when the sites are closed October to Easter, no one can use them. Fuel stations and carwash businesses should get onboard and adapt their plumbing to provide these Motorhome service points.

There’s a lot you can do as the new mayor of Scarborough to welcome Motorhome Tourism, to support your towns’ hospitality businesses. With almost 400,000 motorhomes on the road, a support infrastructure is well overdue.

The organisation supporting us all is CAMpRA. To find out what your council can do please look at the website here

We will do all we can to help Scarborough become a welcoming destination.

With best regards

Charles Shelbourne
Leadership Group, CAMpRA.
Frequent visitor from Norfolk.


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Re: Scarborough

Post by Steve »

Nice letter lets hope someone listens. But there are better places than sea life, the main car park near the shopping centre used to allow overnight stays and its empty at night
Steve - CAMpRA Leadership Team
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