Possible Overnight Stop Near Driffield, East Yorkshire

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Re: Possible Overnight Stop Near Driffield, East Yorkshire

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Their concerns are
1/ the sewage connection - a holding tank automatically pumped into the main sewer: can formaldehyde (blue) chemical be used?
I have checked with BIFFA and with 2 septic tank collection services in Northumberland and they told me it is all collected in the same tank and goes to the same treatment works. It is not treated any differently.
I have also asked Yorkshire Water the same question and received the same answer.

2/ will investment in providing camper services payback?

Cost of overdrain sluice. £320 (see waste service
+ 2 taps. 1 for fresh water and 1 for flushing waste.

Easily recouped .
As a concervative example-
If you only had 2 MHS per night for only 200 nights per year would bring in £4,000.
Also MHs travel all year round.
Also add sales from cafe or onsite activities.
Also MHs bring added site security .

3/ (contrariwise) would running a successful aire / service point detract from the association's main aims?

There is hardly any ongoing maintenance and the financial reward could help achieve those aims.
You could offer your clubs activities to these visitors some will later be from Europe adding an international interest.
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