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Malton & Norton Rugby Club

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Letter sent to Malton and Norton Rugby Club.

Malton & Norton Rugby Club

20.08 2021

Hi Chris,

My name is Eddie Yarrow, I am a director with Campaign for Real Aires (CAMpRA) a not for profit company on Facebook.  We also have a website and a Forum, access is via our website.

Nice to have spoken to you today on the phone and I hope the information supplied below will be of interest to you.

What is an Aire?

An Aire, is simply a name for an overnight parking area for self contained motorhomes/campervans.

Normally there is no camping behaviour allowed on an Aire.  All activity takes place within the motorhome.

However, it is your land and your rules apply.

This includes opening times/days.  If you have to lock the premises with gates that is not a problem either.

We have found motorhomes parked overnight also adds to the security of that area.

How can you achieve this?

By establishing an overnight parking area for motorhomes using an Exemption Certificate, which allows up to 5 motorhomes to park without the need for planning permission, 365 days of the year.  The online application form is available on our website. There is currently no charge for the certificate.   Aire Planning Exemption – MotorhomeFun Support

What is needed for an Aire?

A level area for parking. Hard standing is best as wet grass can cause problems, but is still acceptable.

The Aire would be even better with the addition of fresh water and waste disposal as below.

A self contained motorhome needs to replenish water every 3 to 5 days so it would be helpful if they had access to fresh water and an area for disposal of grey waste (shower/ washing water), and black/toilet water normally stored in the vehicle in a cassette.  

If you do not have these facilities in place there is an inexpensive guide on our website on how to do this or I can help you with this.

Electricity is not necessary.

Motorhomes travel all year round, so the maximum income available at say £10 per night is £18,000.

If you have a bar/ restaurant onsite then I have no doubt these will also be used and earn extra income.

There is an enormous need for Aires in the UK and also waste disposal, service areas. 

As well as having the Aire you could also charge £5 for a motorhome self service (without overnight parking), which normally takes an owner 15 minutes to complete.  There is also the possibility that you attract them into your restaurant while they are there.

Aires are an excellent way for your club to earn extra income which would help fund the club. 

I can not overemphasise the need for Aires in the UK, it is a huge untapped market.

I am quite happy to guide you through the process and be contacted via Zoom or phone should you need further information, or I can travel and meet any of your representatives on site at your club.

Best regards,

Eddie Yarrow

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