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New Brighton

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:54 pm
by Aljamsom
I had a visit from Jo Brett of Wirral Council this morning. She had been instructed to take photos of any motorhomes or campers parked up in an area called the Dips.
I began talking to her about the many positives in having motorhomes and campers in the Borough.
It wasn't in her remit to discuss what I was talking about and she said that she didn't know to whom I could address an email to.
No matter. I emailed the dept responsible for parking and also to Wirral View.
I've had an acknowledgement from the council and am awaiting a proper response.
If there anyone in the group who have had dealings with Wirral Council?
This area is a delight to visit and to stopover.
There is an area at the back of the Dips which could be utilised to be an Aire. It's wasteland with a disused toilet block and an outside water tap.
I've asked a few other people who live in the area who also have vans to lobby the council and encourage local businesses to support our cause so to speak.

Re: New Brighton

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 8:18 pm
by Steve
You may find this report interesting: