Copy of Presentation to Northumberland CC 1st Feb 2022

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Copy of Presentation to Northumberland CC 1st Feb 2022

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Meeting of Strategic Planning Committee on Tuesday 1 February at 4pm

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Copy below of my presentation to the meeting.

Good afternoon everyone.
My name is Eddie Yarrow, I was born and bred in Northumberland, and live near the coast, and I am proud to be a resident of this county.
I am a motorhome owner, and I have travelled in my motorhome, for many years, holidaying both in Europe and the Uk.
I support these trials, Why? Because I know here, and the UK in general, is sadly lacking in motorhome parking/tourism, compared to Europe, which attracts motorhoming Brits in their thousands, to enjoy their facilities. We are decades behind; and it’s time to catch up.
Parking along the coast has presented some challenges for local people, highlighted by Staycation. These parking proposals will help control parking along the coast, including Beadnell.
Beadnell like other areas of Northumberland, has seen an increase of visitors in the last few years, including motorhome tourists, who want to park overnight, to enjoy the local scenery, facilities and spend money in the local economy.
Last year a friend from Derbyshire planned to stay for 3 weeks travelling around Northumberland, he managed only 3 days, because, there were so few places for short term, overnight parking for motorhomes. He quickly moved on to Scotland, saying, he would never return to Northumberland until there were better facilities, and this unfortunately, is a common story.
It is a great shame and financial loss to Northumberland, that very many motorhome tourists, including those from Europe, drive straight through Northumberland, to Scotland, where they are assured of a warm welcome, and plenty of places to stay, where they can spend their money.
I would like to pass on some of the known proven benefits, of having an Aire in any community, including the proposed one at Beadnell. An Aire is simply an area for overnight motorhome parking as in Europe.
From a recent survey of nearly 9000 motorhome owners, it was discovered, that each motorhome unit spent around £47 per day, in the local area, on basics, such as food, drink and local attractions. This did not include retail spending for presents, souveniers, or parking charges or fuel.
Using this formula, if you have parking spaces for 5 vans, on 7 nights per week, for only 35 weeks in a year, this could generate £57,575, and that is without adding a parking charge. In addition, motorhomes travel all year round, so this could provide even more income than I have quoted.
I have also found where motorhomes are parked this brings:-
Better security for nearby properties, just by their presence.
Big reductions in vandalism, litter-bugging, and fly-tipping… Saving thousands of pounds in clean-ups and security, as quoted by Northumbrian Water, who allow overnight parking.
In fact, it is common practice for mototorhomers, to clean up an area when they first arrive, and then leave the area without a trace.
Northumberland is a beautiful county, and is attracting more and more visitors. We need to manage this potential for growth, and use it to reinvigorate our local economy, to help it to recover from the covid pandemic, and sustain it into the future.
One good proven, inexpensive way to do this, is by establishing Aires for motorhome tourism, such as the one which is proposed in Beadnell.
Finally; by establishing Aires in Northumberland, motorhome users, could have a more carbon friendly option, to stay in the UK, thus cutting their carbon footprint, by geographically travelling far less miles, than going off to Europe.
I hope this has been of interest and thank you for listening.

Eddie Yarrow
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Re: Copy of Presentation to NCC 1st Feb 2022

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Thank you, I've been looking for it for days
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