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Southampton City Council - Parking Provision

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Some while ago we wanted to see if we could stay anywhere in Southampton. We have relatives in the area. We wrote to the city council, with several questions and eventually got the response as below. Apparently their head of parking does not think there is a need to provide parking, as there is lack of demand. His email address is Perhaps members would like to let him know that a demand does exist.

Email response.

The answers to your queries are as follows;
[a)Why is there only 1 oversized parking bay for motorhomes in the whole of Southampton?

This is generally a question of demand for that type of vehicle vs demand for the space by other users. Whenever a bay is allocated for a specific vehicle type (buses, HGVs, motorhomes), we have to go through a legal process to amend either relevant parking order (subject to consultation) so that the bay can be enforced accordingly. Due to the costs involved, this is generally only done for specific vehicle classes to meet sustained demand for this type of parking. As noted, we also have to consider demand from other users and whether the space to is best left for standard sized vehicles to meet that demand.

b) Why is this single parking bay not signed anywhere, making it very difficult to find? (We have driven around Harbour Parade a number of times looking for it.)

We will amend the car park entry for Harbour Parade on the parking map and investigate whether it can be highlighted elsewhere on the website.

c) What is to stop any car drivers using the bay, therefore reducing the number of oversized bays to zero? (There is no signage that I can see.) The bay itself is very badly positioned, and could even mean other car drivers being blocked in if the motorhome(s) park at the front extent of the bay.

We will investigate signing the bay accordingly.

d) Can I park my motorhome in a car bay, provided it does not impact on any other bay? (My motorhome is the same width as a standard panel van)

Some car parks will have a weight limit. This is signed at the entrance to the sites.

e) If I overhang the rear of a bay, thus taking up 2 bays, is this OK if I pay for 2 bays? (For some reason your web-site has been updated to remove this information.)

Vehicles are not permitted to occupy two bays even if two pay and display tickets are purchased.

f) Can I "overnight" in the car park, provided I am parked legitimately and have paid the appropriate fee?

The vehicle can certainly be left overnight if the appropriate fee is paid, but camping is not permitted in our facilities in order to discourage encampments. (NB Camping is not defined by him)

g) Can I now park my motorhome in Mayflower Park car-park? We used to park there during the day, but last time we tried to visit, a height barrier had been installed for some reason. Surely this would be ideal?

Unlike many of the parking areas in the City Centre, I don’t directly manage Mayflower Park. However, the Council would generally install height barriers at locations where there is potential for traveller encampments to occur. Even though these are typically transitional, the potential for such an encampment to occur just before a date when area has been set aside for a key event (e.g. Boat Show) has meant that the Council has had to manage access to the site in this way.

If you have any further queries at this stage, please let me know.
Kind regards
Richard Alderson
Service Manager – Parking & Itchen Bridge
Consumer Protection and Environmental Services
Southampton City Council
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Re: Southampton City Council - Parking Provision

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Email sent.
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Re: Southampton City Council - Parking Provision

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Email sent.
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Re: Southampton City Council - Parking Provision

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email sent some time ago - nil reply, this is par for the course for Southampton unfortunately. I did make the point that success in the bid for City of Culture 2025 would produce demand....
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