Kielder Forest and Waterpark Welcome Motorcaravanners

Overnight camping in our car parks.

We would like to take the chance to thank all those who are coming to Kielder and camping in their camper vehicles responsibly, we are so pleased to welcome you all.

This morning our staff have been speaking to 7 sets of Campers at Kielder Castle car park who all happily paid £10 to park up overnight

Issue wise – there has not been any issues, at any of the locations, since the overnight parking scheme was introduced;
Benefit wise – there’s been a couple to note.
◦ First, there’s the additional income, which is raised from the £10 per
night, per vehicle, fee. Although this tends to be a small amount of income, it is still welcome, as it helps towards the maintenance and development of these sites, and indeed, the wider Parks.
◦ Secondly, we have noticed that having campervans/motorhomes parked up on the various sites, actually helps with the security of them, in that we have had fewer visits by anyone looking to be rowdy or disturbing the normal peaceful nature of the sites.

Source of information Julie Wilson
On behalf of Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust