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Things an Active Member can do to help

These are the things that you could do to help:

  1. Use the CAMpRA Forum group so that you can work with others to follow up on leads for potential new Aires
  2. Be active in contacting people and businesses such as;
    1. local businesses which have available land
    2. write to your local MP
    3. go see your local motorhome dealer
    4. speak to your local Council about facilities and the benefit of Aires
    5. contact your local tourist board
    6. contact the tourist board in the area in which you like to visit asking where it is ok to park your motorhome overnight to visit attractions or relatives.
  3. Support a person/business/council through the process of creating an Aire
  4. Attend council planning meetings and put forward the case for motorcaravan Aires
  5. Complete questionnaires and surveys relating to motorcaravan use in the UK
  6. Speak to local campsites about allowing use of facilities for servicing or 1 night stop overs – or creating an Aire just outside their site.

Remember to keep the forum updated with what you are working on and your progress.

Where to start

CAMpRA has several platforms on which it operates each having a specific function

  1. The Website
  2. The Forum –
  3. Business Facebook –
  4. Members Facebook –