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This is a map of all the unitary authorities in the UK as at April 2019.

This is a list of all the unitary authorities in the UK as at October 2020. It has each authority’s website, twitter, Facebook and YouTube address. From here you should be able to find the contact details of council officers and elected Councillors.

A Guide to Aires leaflet.

Recommended Campaigns for different situations.

Guidelines for overnight parking.

This document describes the definition of a CAMpRA Aire.

Motor Caravanners Club application for an Aire certification

Rules for no Camping Behaviour on Motor Caravanners Club Aires

CAMpRA guide to overnight parking

A table showing the number of Aires in Europe. Most countries are represented except the UK.

This is a guide to the facilities needed for a motorcaravan service point.

Description of a site licensed under the Motor Caravanners Club for use as an Aire

Description of different option to open an Aire

What is Self Contained

Leaflet showing the layout of a self contained motorhome