Spotlight on Scar Park Motorhome Aire

Kirkcolm, Wig Bay

About the Aire

The Scar Park Aire is located on Kirranrae Farm, Kirkcolm by the shores of Wig Bay, Loch Ryan with views across the loch.  It is run by Eilidh and Jack. Jack grew up on the farm and is the second generation of his family to farm at Kirranrae. Eilidh moved to the farm in 2020 and is a native Gaelic speaker, originally from the Highlands, and works in place-name research.  For example, Kirranrae comes from the Gaelic ‘Ceathramh an Reidhe’, meaning ‘the land-quarter of the flat field’. A most perfect description on the land on which the Aire is situated.

The Aire is situated on the main runway of the decommissioned RAF Wig Bay Airfield, which was an airfield with no runway as it was a base for flying boats.  The Aire is on the old aeroplane stands, so there is plenty of space to accommodate large and small motorhomes and campervans. It is constructed of reinforced concrete which is ideal for siting a motorhome anytime of the year. There is access to a water tap available at the site entrance. The Aire is located about half a kilometre from the main road, therefore provides a peaceful overnight stay.

The scenic area of Wig Bay includes a two mile coastal loop walk round the Bay, the Scar and Loch Ryan as well as a longer route up through the woodland on the Corsewall Estate which can all be accessed from the site. It is also a popular spot for fishing and bird watching.

Since the Aire is opposite the Cairnryan Ferry terminal to Ireland, you can watch the ferries coming navigating the loch and so it is a perfect place to stay if you are taking a ferry journey from there. It is also close to the town of Stranraer (the old ferry port) with plenty of shops and the pretty Castle of St John, a ruined four-story tower house on a green in the main street.


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